6 Tips for growing chili peppers in your urban garden

Chili isn’t for everyone, especially since we all have different levels of tolerance for spicy food. Janssen M. Martinez, however, is a millennial who likes hot sauce, chili powder, and peppery food.

Caloocan entrepreneur farms lettuce in the city

Cristina Ramirez-Padua, a licensed agricultural engineer and an avid Agriculture magazine reader, is one urbanite who started growing food at home in an attempt to boost their household’s food security and wellbeing.

Three heart-shaped plants to give your loved ones this Valentine’s Day

Whether it's Valentine’s Day or not, gift your loved ones (or yourself!) with heart-shaped house plants that they can look after and remind them of your love.

Filipino couple grows food in the American desert 

Robert and Analiza Tengco, energy technician and nurse respectively, are a couple of Pinoy gardeners who are currently living in Coachella Valley, Southern California.