Tanay, Rizal LGU encourages visitors to further explore the town this Father’s Day

The municipal government of Tanay in Rizal is urging visitors to further explore the beauty of the town, especially this coming Father’s Day, June 16.

Mayor Rafael “Lito” Tanjuatco said there are many aspects of the town that can be enjoyed by all, from kids to adults to seniors, as the municipality has more places to visit.

Tanjuatco said the town’s mountain villages have lots to offer to tourists -- from hiking to mountain trekking for the younger generation and sight seeing and dining for the not so young age group.

Municipal Administrator Jeff Pino told Manila Bulletin that restaurants and coffee shops, which started to bloom in the upland villages a year prior to the pandemic and started sprouting like mushrooms after the pandemic restrictions eased up, continue to become part of the places to visit among the tourists.

Breeza Food .jpgFacilities that offer bed and breakfast are among the reasons why tourists keep coming back to Tanay, according to the municipal government. (photo by Nel Andrade) 

Resorts and conference centers, including those that offer adventure activities, are among the popular places that day tour visitors enjoy, according to observations that were noted by the municipal government.

Pino said tourists who want to spend the day and night in a quiet environment usually go to mountain resorts and camp sites, but others opt to stay in well furnished hotels and resort that offer staycation type of bed with breakfast accommodation.

One such place is the Breeza Montagne Hotel and Resort located at Sitio Bukal in Barangay Tandang Kutyo, a lowland community that is close to the town proper.
Breeza Pool with table.jpg
Breeza Pool 2.jpg

A resort hotel in Tanay, Rizal offers a five-star hotel surroundings (photo by Nel Andrade)

Tourists who want to feel nature surrounding them while enjoying a swim in the hotel facility’s five pools will find the place a perfect one this Father’s Day weekend, according to Pino who has been credited for the town government’s successes in making the municipality as one of the popular tourist spots in the region.

Groups will also find the place the right choice for their bonding moments as the hotel has facilities for team building and other activities that will make their stay worthwhile.

Kids can play in the game room with all sorts of arcade games and have their photos taken beside the giant stuffed Teddy bears at the entrance and some life-sized statues of Super Mario Brothers, Astro Boy and ET.

Breeza Foam Pool.jpg

Kids enjoy a dip in the pool during a foam party at Breeza Montagne. (photo by Nel Andrade)
Foods and beverages at its restaurant are also the reason why tourists come to the place, according to some of the visitors who were approached by this reporter.

Breeza Dining Area.jpg
Foodies include Tanay in their bucket lists as restaurants and coffee shops abound in many areas in the municipality. (photo by Nel Andrade)

Like in some of the accommodation facilities, the triangle-shaped house or nipa huts, which others call as A-frame house, are becoming a common sight in Tanay, including in this hotel.

Sleeping in the A-frame house is a unique experience to enjoy, according to the staff of the hotel.

Breeza AFrame.jpg
A row of the so-called A-frame houses welcome visitors at Breeza Montagne Resort Hotel in Tanay, Rizal. (photo by Nel Andrade) 

Pino said places that are also worth visiting during the coming weekend for spending moments with their fathers are the lowland village’s Parola or the light house located in Barangay San Isidro and another in Barangay Wawa during the early morning before they go to the upland villages where many restaurants and coffee shops are situated.