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<strong>Japanese farmers use technology to balance wildlife conservation and farm protection</strong>

To help curtail widespread agricultural losses from wild animals, Japan's hunter associations began introducing robotic counterparts in several rural communities.

<strong>Months designated to highlight agriculture in the Philippines</strong>

The Philippines celebrates the wonders of the country's agriculture every year through different national month-long celebrations and festivals. From rice to fish, there is a lot to celebrate and appreciate around the country.

Emerging trends that may shape global agriculture this 2023

Agriculture impacts society in many ways, and determining the trends associated with the industry is essential for economies to navigate the upcoming year. From more accessible vaccines to the dawn of modern technologies, experts highlight several global trends that are likely to transform agriculture in 2023.

Agrivoltaic farming can help agriculture become more sustainable

Integrating renewable energy production in farming provides several benefits for farmers and the environment. Installing solar panels in fields enables farmers to harvest solar energy alongside their crops.

Farmers’ daughter fulfills parents’ dream to own the farmland they used to rent

Marilyn “Marz” Hortinela-Grafane, 31, is no stranger to farm life. She has never lost sight of her roots and embraces the lessons and influence that her parents gave her.

If BTS members V and Jin weren’t K-pop idols, they would be farmers

Many K-pop idols lived completely different lives before making a name in the Korean entertainment industry. Some of them have always dreamed of becoming an artist, while others discovered their calling as a musician when the opportunity presented itself.

Precision agriculture may be the way to go amidst environmental uncertainty

Agriculture is considered the backbone of many developing nations worldwide. During a forum in Pakistan, experts shared a collective call for countries to adopt precision agriculture to ensure food systems sustainability.

Collaboration is key to sustainable agriculture - Israeli experts

Benchmarking of best practices is vital to ensure sustainability in agriculture. This is what experts from Israel shared with local stakeholders on Thursday, November 10, 2022, during a one-day learning exchange at the Bureau of Plant Industry in Quezon City.

UN FAO will launch a roadmap to curb agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

Making agriculture sustainable and more environment-friendly is vital in tackling climate change mitigation. That's why the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) announced that a global plan will be released this year to transform the world's food system into a more sustainable one.

A promising perennial rice variety is transforming farming in China

In a newly published article on nature sustainability, researchers at Yunnan University in Kunming, China, reported the successful cultivation of Perennial Rice 23 (PR23). This cultivar of rice doesn't have to be replanted each season and could reap up to eight harvests, researchers reported.

Bio-dynamic farming leads to healthier crops and humans

During a webinar spearheaded by SOYA Producers, Inc. on November 11, 2022, Dr. Grace Zozobrado-Hahn and her husband, Walter Siegfried Hahn, shared insights on how to make farming healthier for both the environment and humans through bio-dynamic agriculture.

More and more women are becoming farmers and transforming agriculture

Agriculture is traditionally considered a man’s field, with women typically just in the background. However, women have also played critical roles in farm production, from egg and butter sales to victory gardens, to growing food for the family.

Cavite farm’s "unli samgyup" proves that innovation unlocks unlimited opportunities

Being one of the towns adjacent to Tagaytay City, the town of Amadeo in Cavite also experiences a relatively cool climate suitable for growing a variety of crops – and eating samgyeopsal, a Korean grilled pork belly cuisine.

Booming online farming games cultivate interest in agriculture

Gaming connects millions of people worldwide. It is not surprising that the online gaming industry continues to grow, but a trend is getting clearer: more and more games are now about growing things.

Use of volcanic rock dust in the fields for carbon capture benefits farmers and the environment alike

Lithos, derived from the Greek word for "rock", is a startup in the United States aiming to unleash the potential of rock dust in capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

Fighting climate change through agriculture

Agribusinesses need to adapt to the ongoing climate change and mitigate their impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Heads up, goat raisers! Triple cross goats may provide a higher profit than other breeds 

One technology that goat breeders can employ to increase profit is triple cross or three-way cross (TWC) goat production.

K-pop boy band Seventeen appreciates rice farming

More than the fantastic choreography, the Filo Carats can also relate to the group’s love for rice.