Have you been to Bianca’s on Yakal Street?

Published November 4, 2021, 11:30 AM

by Sandy Daza

Every time I try some dining place that I like, I cannot stop talking about the place and find myself frequenting the restaurant. Bianca’s (Yakal Street in Makati) has been my restaurant of choice these days.

Not only do I love its food, I find the menu very interesting. I do intend to try those that attract my attention. My eating buddy Dr. Joey always invites me to go there and his excuse for the weekly invitation is his frequent winnings at the poker tables at Resorts World.

With the deep dark red wine sauce rich and the ox tail fall-off-the-bone tender, and with mashed potatoes on the side, it was just so heavenly.

Over the last two weeks, I had a braised oxtail in cabernet sauce and Joey had the pork cordon bleu with lemon. Both delicious. With the deep dark red wine sauce rich and the ox tail fall-off-the-bone tender, and with mashed potatoes on the side, it was just so heavenly.


The week after that, we went back and this time I had the the lemon sole fillet duglere. These are boneless roulade of sole with a white cream sauce. Fantastic! On the side, I asked for a well-made parmesan risotto. Joey had a saffron risotto with German sausage. Also very good. Our guest had the breaded pork escalope with a mushroom cream sauce, which I had in the past and of course it was very good. There are many more interesting and unusual dishes on the menu. I am hoping that Joey continues winning on the poker tables.

Another adventure I took on was a trip to Silang, Cavite, where I discovered the most delicious panizza. These are thinly made pizzas with a variety of toppings, cut length wise and filled with freshly picked arugula, rolled and just eaten this way. Fantastic! This style of pizza was invented by the late Chef Cris Locher at his restaurant in Angeles, Pampanga. The place I visited is called Mario Mio. They’re on Waze.

Another evening was a birthday celebration of a friend, Wing Rance. We had the celebration at L’Entrecote at the Burgos Circle in BGC. We started with their bestseller appetizers. Salmon crostini was topped with a ring of red onion and a caper. Yummy! My favorite among the appetizers was the octopus, tender cuts of pulpo with brown garlic, fresh red onions, and a good olive oil. With a nice crusty bread and some lemon juice, it was a winner. Then there were also escargots in garlic butter. The sauce was so good you would end up dipping the bread on the holes of the escargot containers. We also had pan-seared foie gras, rich flavored duck liver on top of sliced boiled potatoes with a berry sauce on the side. Outstanding! For our main dish, we ordered what they called Meat Galore. On that chopping board are a 21-ounce of Tomahawk Rib steak, a 10-ounce pork rib eye steak, a crispy tender lamb shank, and a duck confit. Each and every item on that board was so good! With wine pouring the whole evening, the celebration was an evening to remember. Great food and fun friends are always a winning combination.

I will keep my radars open for more new discoveries.

Happy eating!

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