Lumpiang shanghai is best Filipino food, according to Taste Atlas

On the bottom of its list are balut, dinuguan, and pinipig

After naming sinigang as the world’s “best vegetable soup,” international food database Taste Atlas spotlights lumpiang shanghai by putting it on the top of its “best Filipino food” list.

Lumpiang shanghai (Photo from Pexel)

Out of five stars, the Filipino spring roll dish garnered a 4.9 rating from culinary professionals and diners from around the globe. Second to it is the sinigang soup (4.8) followed by the local breakfast favorite tocino (4.7).

A staple in many local celebrations, from weddings to fiestas, or even in regular dining setups, the lumpiang shanghai is loved by many, both Filipinos and foreigners, due to its crispy exterior and tasty filling, which many can customize based on their liking. According to Taste Atlas, “even though lumpia appears in numerous variations, the shanghai version is characterized by a savory filling which combines ground pork or beef with carrots, onions, various seasonings, and (occasionally) shrimps.”

Following the three best dishes are the great ones which are the sisig (4.4), adobo (4.3), and lechon (4.2). The daing (3.8), pinangat, and torta (both 3.6) are ranked as OK dishes. While on the bottom are dinuguan and pinipig, tied with a 3.3 mark. Last is the Filipino exotic food balut with a 2.6 rating.

Taste Atlas' best Filipino food ranking (Photo from Taste Atlas' Facebook page)

Filipino food is currently being discovered by the world. Hollywood personalities such as actresses Florence Pugh, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore, and rapper Cardi B, among others, expressed their love for lumpiang shanghai. While balut and other Filipino delicacies are infiltrating the New York street food scene thanks to vendors like Boy Isaw and So Sarap NYC.

How about you? What do you think is the best Filipino food?