Meet Boy Isaw, a Filipino street food vendor in New York who earns P800K a month

Published August 13, 2021, 2:03 PM

by John Legaspi

Filipino street food continues to take over the Big Apple

If there is one thing to try on a trip in the Philippines, it is street food. Ranging from savory pares and binatog to the sweet iskramble and gulaman, the country’s local districts boasts a variety of dishes one must not miss. Topping all of those is the grilled barbecues, and lucky for the people in New York, they don’t need a plane ride anymore to experience its goodness.

Robin John Calalo and his Pinoy barbecues

Filipino entrepreneur Robin John Calalo brought the iconic street food to the Big Apple, and believe it or not, earns P800,000 out of it in a month. Started his business in 2019, Robin, fondly called as Boy Isaw, sells true Pinoy grilled street food from betamax (coagulated chicken or pig’s blood), adidas (chicken feet), helmet (chicken head), of course, isaw (pork intestines), among others.

The business came to his mind while he was in the market and craved for Filipino street food. According to an interview with GMA News, his capital for the venture is only $50 or P2,500. Every stick of Pinoy barbecue he sells costs $3.50 or P175. An order with rice on the side comes with an added $2 or P100.

Filipinos and other foreign diners get to taste his skewered products in Filipino restaurants Tradisyon and Amazing Grace, and in other food fairs. Apart from that, he also sells ready-to-grill barbecues, so customers can cook and enjoy them in their own home. With his growing customers, the business now earns P200,000 per week.

“I’m so thankful that I’m giving happiness and joy, not only to my fellow Filipino people but also to different races through my Filipino barbecue,” he said.

Know more about Robin’s street food business in New York @boy_isaw on Instagram.