This week in food

Published May 13, 2021, 9:25 AM

by Sandy Daza

Good news, bad news, but at least there’s take-out empanada or cheese tarts or duck confit or champorado made of adlai

Cheese tart and Caesar salad

This week had both good and not so good experiences. Our eight-year-old restaurant Wooden Spoon at Rockwell will finally bow out of business for good. It was a fun run of ups and downs. We kept it alive to meet a few financial obligations and to let our people keep their jobs. But COVID is much stronger than most and we just had to raise our hands and surrender.

The good news is my Casa Daza Empanada/Siopao business will be opening just a few stalls down the old Wooden Spoon location. For those of you familiar with Rockwell Power Plant, it’ll be in the old Churros place. I will launch my new items and unique drinks there.

Grilled ribeye steak

I was at BGC learning from a friend about her thriving take-out business. She has put up take-out stalls instead of full-service restaurants. When success talks, you listen. I did. This was over a delicious lunch of Caesar salad, Greek salad, grilled ribeye steak, and salmon steak. The Greek salad looked simple but it was so good because of the mix of flavors and textures blended together by a whole slice of thick feta cheese. The Caesar salad had crispy bacon, a delicious dressing with freshly grated parmesan cheese and crispy lettuce. Best I’ve tried so far. My steak with just cracked salt was simply outstanding. With truffled mashed potatoes on the side, heaven! Complimentary after drink was frozen chilled caramel Grey Goose vodka. A must try. El Gaucho in BGC has a promo. It’s 50 percent off until the end of the month.

Salmon steak

Greek salad

Another friend Paul Sanchez told me about his niece’s baked goods. When Paul talks, I listen. These are cheese tarts. They are like croissant flaked pastry with a filling of creamy and delicious cheese. This reminds me of a popular baked goodie made by Portos in the US. What Paul’s niece has to offer is so good it also didn’t last very long in my fridge. Sarap! (Mobile no.: 09175628007) A must try!

This week, I also opened a can of duck confit. I get this from a friend Annie Carmona who brings them in from Paris. She gets them from a place called Petit Quenault. I remember this place near Hotel de Ville because I would also pick up my canned foie gras there many decades ago. The cooked duck is covered in white duck fat. Bake it for 15 minutes in the oven and voila—crispy, tasty French duck confit! I also get the duck oil and sauté some potatoes and have that on the side. Delicious! I know Santis and Bacchus have this canned duck confit. I also know that the breast part of the confit is separated and used in making Magret du Canard. Yummy!

Adlai rice

Lately, on our dining table is a rice substitute called adlai. It is also known as Chinese buckwheat. Higher in fiber and free from gluten, it is a healthy alternative to our delicious white rice. And you consume much less because it fills you right away. I use it on anything rice. You may make arroz caldo, garlic fried rice, champorado, paella, Hainanese chicken rice, etc. This has become part of the spread at my dining table at home (Mobile no.: 09175163355).

I wonder what I’ll cross this coming week. Whatever it may be, I know my God is always behind me. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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