Judy Ann Santos' latest food creation is as comforting as her Yin Yang champorado

Published April 28, 2021, 1:25 PM

by John Legaspi

Clue: It is filled with sweet corn and ube goodness

Judy Ann Santos’ ube mais

Judy Ann Santos is passionate about Filipino cooking. And through her restaurant Angrydobo, the actress whips up classic Pinoy dishes, such as kalderobo, lugaw, and choconut sansrival, and takes them to another level by putting her own spin on them.

Among the diner’s favorites is her Yin Yang champorado. We all have special ways on how we want our champorado served. Some like it with a few chili and dried fish on the side, others prefer powdered milk instead of the traditional evaporated milk swirl. But what makes Judy Ann’s champorado unique is her inclusion of different chocolates—white and dark. The two kinds of champorado are poured in the same tub making a half-white half-dark look, hence, the Yin Yang name.

In the spirit of the Yin Yang champorado, Judy Ann launches a new sweet rice porridge, this time with sweet corn and ube (purple yam). Called Ube Mais, the dish is composed of her version of the ube champorado, another pandemic dining favorite, and what seems to be a white champorado dotted with corn or a version of the ginataang mais. Making it even more delectable is the topping of cheese and burnt pastillas. Just looking at it being poured is good enough to make you salivate.