Survey says Rep. Paolo Duterte top performing representative in Davao City

DAVAO CITY – Rep. Paolo Z. Duterte ranked first in Davao City and third in the Davao region in the Top Performing District Representative Survey of the RP-Mission Development Foundation Inc. (RPMD).


REP. Duterte (FB) 

Duterte, representing the first district, garnered an 87.3 percent job satisfaction score, followed by second district representative, Isidro T. Ungab, with 83.6 percent, and third district representative, Vincent J. Garcia, with 70.2 percent. 

In the Davao region, Rep. Maricar Zamora of Davao de Oro province is the leading performer with an 89.8 percent approval rating from her constituents. Next to Zamora was Rep. Claude Bautista, from Davao Occidental province, with 88. 5 percent. 

Rep. Duterte, who welcomed the survey results, secured third place with 87.3 percent. He also thanked the public for their endless support to him and the Duterte family.

Last year, Rep. Duterte was cited as Honorary Congressman of the Year in the Nation Builders and Mosliv Awards ceremony for crafting several legislative measures that significantly contributed to the country’s sustainable development.

The same year, he was conferred the Leadership Achiever as Public Servant citation in the Elite Business and Leadership Awards that honors and acknowledges the distinctive, dedicated, and genuine leadership of accomplished leaders globally.

According to the RPMD, the ratings in the survey highlight the congressmen’s significant effectiveness and achievements in district representation, legislative endeavors, and constituent services, pivotal metrics of the recent evaluation.

Other outstanding representatives in the Davao region with commendable performance in the survey were Rep. John Tracy Cagas of Davao del Sur, with an 85.1 percent rating, followed by Ungab with an 83.6 percent, Rep. Cheeno Miguel Almario of Davao Oriental, 82.4 percent, and Rep. Aldu Dujali, of Davao del Norte, with an 80.7 percent assessment score.

Rounding out the list of representatives with significant approval ratings were Pantaleon Alvarez of Davao del Norte (78.3 percent), Ruwel Peter Gonzaga of Davao de Oro (76.8 percent), Nelson Dayanghirang of Davao Oriental (73.4 percent), and Garcia.

Dr. Paul Martinez, executive director of the RPMD and Global Affairs Analyst, said the ratings are pivotal indicators of voter satisfaction or dissatisfaction, thus carrying significant implications for representatives considering reelection or aspiring for higher office. 

Martinez emphasized the relevance of the results in the lead up to the 2025 elections, suggesting that representatives witnessing a decline in their ratings may need to reassess or adapt their current agendas or services accordingly.

The RPMD assessed the public officials’ performance nationwide through the “Boses ng Bayan” national survey, which serves as a vital mechanism for evaluating the performance of public officials in the Philippines. 

Martinez said the House of Representatives-Davao region survey is integral to the broader “Boses ng Bayan” conducted from March 18 to 24 this year. With 10,000 adult participants, the study aimed to capture the perspectives of the 67.75 million registered voters in the country.

With a margin of error of +/-1 percent and a 95 percent confidence level, the survey provides a comprehensive and insightful analysis of regional public opinion, ensuring robust and reliable findings reflective of the true sentiments of the population.

 The RPMD said the survey fosters transparency, accountability, and ongoing enhancements in governance, ultimately contributing to enhancing public service and community development nationwide.