Luch Zanirato and Ava Daza’s wedding in Puglia

A fairytale dream wedding come to life

By Kitten Zapata

Luch Zanirato and Ava Daza’s destination wedding in Italy was a true fairytale come to life, set amid the timeless allure of Puglia’s cobblestone streets and sweeping coastal views. 


Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, who seemed to glow against the picturesque backdrop, the couple's joy was very noticeable.

Ava, the radiant bride walked down the aisle in her exquisite Galia Lahav gown, while Luch looked every bit the dashing groom in his impeccably tailored suit.


MB (5).jpg
Andrea Hawken, Isabelle Daza, Ava Daza, Luch Zanirato, Jess Wilson, Martine Ho, Georgina Wilson, and their kids


MB (1).jpg
Sam Wilson, Gabbi Flores, Jack Flores, Isabelle Daza, and Andrien Semblat


The event was attended by some of the local style icons, such as the bride’s sister Isabelle Daza, cousins Georgina Wilson, Martine Ho, Jess Wilson, and Nicole Andersson, Jelly Eugenio, Jack Flores, and Gabbi Flores, among others.


MB (2).jpg
Guests at Ava and Luch's pre-wedding dinner in Italy


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Nicole Andersson, Jelly Eugenio, and Georgina Wilson

During dinner, Jess made a speech about her and Ava’s inseparable childhood. They always have been mistaken as twins, and how their teenage escapades made them really close.


MB (6).jpg
Mother of the bride, Gloria Diaz


MB (3).jpg
Fashion designer Rajo Laurel and Georgina Wilson

Gloria Diaz and Luch’s father shared nuggets of wisdom, while Isabelle Daza’s prank left some people with tears. “Belle, Ava’s sister, hired actors to start a fight in front of everyone (there were tears and a bit of blood)," as shared by KP of Mayad.