Uplifting the education system with Globe's GFiber Biz Plus

GFiber for Educ KV.jpg

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed brought forth numerous lessons about learning and education.  It has prompted a re-evaluation of traditional educational practices and highlighted the potential for innovation, flexibility and resilience in the learning process.

Schools now have the unique opportunity to adapt and enhance students' education with effective digital tools, powered by the best connectivity partner:  Globe Business' GFiber Biz Plus.  Indeed, with the right tools, learning could be limitless.

GFiber Biz Plus provides educational institutions with a free one-year license for productivity and learning suites suitable for diverse teaching needs.  This applies for subscriptions to monthly plans of P2,499 and above.

Apart from learning suites, Globe Business also offers other freebie choices that schools can choose to go with their plans: a WiFi mesh to widen service coverage, or a P5,000 subsidy on in-house wiring or on barangay permit for broadband installation.

Enjoy 50% off on Monthly Service Fees (MSF) for 6 months for GFiber Biz Plus Plans 2499 and above. All you need to do is sign up here on or before June 30, 2023.

These are all powered by unlimited internet connectivity of up to 200 Mbps with equal upload and download speeds, which fully supports schools’ back office requirements, as well as, seamless online collaboration among teachers. This also serves as a good alternative for backup connectivity for hybrid and hyflex online classes to ensure better video quality.  All plans also come with free unlimited calls to all mobile and landline networks without extra charges.

Visit https://glbe.co/GlobeEducGFiberBiz to know more about Globe Business’s GFiber Biz Plus.