Len Amadora

Consultant and Columnist for Technews

LEN GATBONTON-AMADORA is a passionate tech-lifestyle journalist, dedicated mother, and proud Filipino. With over a decade of experience at Manila Bulletin, she is an esteemed TechNews team member, contributing to both print and digital editions. Along with her journalism work, Len previously worked as a Physical Therapist at Cardinal Santos Medical Center and served as a medical transcriptionist for TextScribe. Her expertise in technology allows her to take care of the digital edition of TechNews, which includes updating the website and other digital assets. Len's commitment to her work and love for her country is evident in everything she does.

Tech meets tale

Agoda created a children's book through the use of Generative AI technology.  In celebration of World Children's Day last November 20th, the children's book titled, "Maya and the Secret World of Agoda" is designed to ignite the imagination of young readers and foster a love for technology.  

Capturing brilliance: realme 11 launches with a stunning 108MP ProLight Camera and 67W SUPERVOOC charge

realme is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated local launch of the realme 11. This innovative smartphone is set to elevate mobile photography experiences with its impressive 108MP ProLight Camera, alongside a host of other exceptional features, including the 67W SUPERVOOC Charge and a powerful MediaTek Helio G99 processor.

A glimpse into the future of AI-ready devices and innovations

Lenovo made a groundbreaking announcement at the recently concluded Tech World 2023 event in Austin, Texas.  The global technology giant revealed during its annual innovation event its most comprehensive AI capabilities to date.  It showcased its vision of "AI for All" emphasizing the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence across various industries.  Lenovo's commitment to AI ensures that everyone will benefit from this transformative technology.

Apple unveils MacBook Pro featuring M3 chips, the most powerful and efficient chip for a pro laptop

Very recently, Apple held its much-awaited "Scary Fast" event.  While the name of the said event may have hinted as something "terrifying", the event was anything but.  It was, in fact, brilliant!  

Unmasking the creepy side of technology

In the digital age, technology intertwines seamlessly with our daily lives, offering unparalleled conveniences. Yet, lurking beneath its shiny facade are eerie realities: AI systems eerily mimicking human conversations, uncannily accurate ads that seem to "read our minds," and the omnipresent digital footprints that never truly fade. Coupled with the rising threat of data breaches and the addictive pull of screens leading to mental health concerns, it's clear that our tech-driven world harbors shadows we must navigate with caution and awareness.