Cold Storage Seafood goes legacy

Sporting the new look, it's Banawe store has been a reliable source of quality seafood for 27 years now

As the brothers, Cold Storage President Marco Qua and Vice President Morris Qua cut the ribbon to the relaunch of their Banawe store location. There was an unmistakable wave of nostalgia that wafted through the premises, freezer displays, and vitrine cases. For it was some 35 years ago that their father Mariano Qua began this entrepreneurial journey (through Sikat Araw Trading) of exporting Filipino seafood, and then making quality seafood from all over the globe more accessible and affordable for the Filipino consumer and households. In 1996, Banawe, became the very first shop bearing the Cold Storage brand.


Morris and Marco Qua; Cold Storage store facade

While the logo and brand may have evolved through the decades with the offerings within the shop expanding as well. I was also present when they launched their renovated Wilson St. branch, and the commitment to excellence, quality, reliability, and competitive pricing has remained steadfast—acting as the foundation of the business. The commercial business has grown exponentially, and we also find the Cold Storage-packed items in all the trusted supermarkets and quality groceries is a testament to this commitment.


Sushi ‘heaven’ at Cold Storage

In their renovated stores, beyond the freezer displays where we find the very best in frozen seafood, there’s also a sushi window counter where platters of fresh sushi can be selected and brought home for dinner or impromptu parties. It’s an example of Cold Storage providing “service beyond,” and this has endeared them to their regular customers. 

The diversity of the freezer shelves is one of the strongest value propositions of Cold Storage Seafood, and this abundance of choice is best seen in their own stores. There are the more regular go-to items such as the fresh squid balls, and the easy-to-prepare premium dim sum.

Packs of fresh squid balls, premium dim sum, unagi, and scallops

But what caught my eye, and had my taste buds quivering, were the packs of premium scallops, with the size of the scallops approximating those that we would find in the best restaurants in Japan. Similarly, there were packs of unagi, Japanese-quality broiled eel. My three sons love and devour unagi, so this was something I really had to bring home with me. 

Sustainable seafood and responsible fishing are two subjects Marco and Morris are always ready to talk about, as they’re both pillars of how their business is now conducted. It dictates their choice of trade partners and suppliers, as they know that this will affect the consistent supply for the constant demand of high-quality seafood.

image6 (3).jpeg

Pauline and Marco

Congratulations to Cold Storage Seafood and to Marco and Morris. It was wonderful to see this Banawe location renovated, and sporting the new look of Cold Storage for it’s been that reliable neighborhood quality seafood store for 27 years now. And special best wishes to Marco and Pauline, who got married less than a month ago.