STI recognizes outstanding alumni worldwide

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Although there are numerous paths to success in today's world, education remains one of the best foundations for achieving personal and professional goals. Educational institutions carry the obligation of instilling in their students the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to shape them into future-ready graduates and professionals who are competent and responsible members of society.

Additionally, technology in education offers students quick access to knowledge, quicker learning, and enjoyable opportunities to put what they have learned into practice. As educational institutions strive to offer their students the finest education possible, the use of technology in the classroom is growing in popularity.

Since its humble beginnings on August 21, 1983, the Systems Technology Institute (STI), a training facility that offers fundamental programming instruction to professionals and students who wish to learn a new skill, has expanded beyond ICT and education to meet the demand for graduates who are prepared for the workforce.

The schools’ 1st batch of graduates, all 11 of them, were hired by Systems Resources Incorporated. And through Guaranteed Hire Program (GHP), more qualified STI graduates found themselves working in their field of interest straight out of school.

STI College has recognized outstanding alumni who have made significant contributions to their respective businesses and communities, giving credit to the university via their accomplishments. STI now has campuses all over the Philippines and has diversified into ICT-enhanced programs in Information Technology, Business and Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences.

Held at the Solaire Resort in Pasay City, the STI Distinguished Alumni Awards, honoring 23 alumni from various STI campuses, serves as a representation of the many STI graduates who are making a difference. The STI Distinguished Alumni Awards highlight the many STI graduates who are also having a positive impact on society.

The honorees shared their inspiring stories of how STI College helped shape their journey from hopeful students to accomplished professionals in various sectors of expertise and service in and out of the country during the event.

“STI helped build the foundation of who I am today,” said Michael Favila from STI College Sta. Mesa. “The modules and the lessons that they provided were very detailed and practical. Our professors also pushed us beyond our boundaries because they know we are capable of more.”

One of Favila’s greatest achievements is being able to build and launch two digital banks from scratch—Maya Bank in the Philippines where he is currently the Head of Engineering, and Mox Bank by Standard Chartered in Hong Kong.

“I’m glad that my contributions to the community were recognized by STI through this award. I feel excited and very honored. I’ll always be a proud STIer,” the BS Computer Science graduate said.

Favila’s advice to young tech practitioners? Follow your passion as much as you can and find the industry where you’d like to kickstart your career. “Once that’s done, the next thing you have to do is just go all in.”

Just like him, Divine Tingzon from STI College Fairview is an awardee who is currently making waves in the tech landscape, specifically in Singapore where she is working as a software engineer focused on financial services. During her undergraduate years as a BS Information Technology student, Tingzon worked as a student assistant, an experience that greatly helped in enhancing her interpersonal and communication skills, which are both essential in any industry.

After being nominated for the award for the second time, Tingzon considers this as the perfect time for her to receive it after not making the final cut last year.

“I’m happy to know that my efforts and hard work in my chosen industry is being appreciated by the STI community whom I consider as second family. I’ve been through so much personal loss in the past two years after losing my parents. I'm a bit sad that they won't be seeing this tonight, but I hope I'm doing them proud,” she said.

Yusop Dimaporo from STI College Cotabato is another awardee who told an inspiring story. As an internally displaced person from Pikit, Cotabato, being a full-time student was more difficult than usual but that did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. Fortunately, he has a strong support system in his family and loved ones that helped him go above and beyond his circumstances.

As an STI student, Dimaporo was a regular participant of Tagisan ng Talino, an academic competition among STI students nationwide, where he joined fruit carving, cake decorating, and cooking contests among others. “I was able to experience many firsts in my life because of STI. We’re not just learning within the four corners of the classroom. It’s always actual exposure to different industries,” the BS Hospitality Management graduate said.

His innate sense of determination combined with the technical skills and right mindset that he learned from STI led to six thriving business ventures that Dimaporo now owns, including the first ever smart cafe in the Philippines located in Cotabato City.

“I’m very thankful that my businesses were able to help many people during the pandemic.  Most of my employees are out-of-school youth, single parents, and ex-combatants, and my goal now is to continue supporting their livelihood, especially the children affected by the conflict in our area,” he said.

Aisa Hipolito, STI Education Services Group Vice President for Academics, expressed her utmost pride for the alumni awardees.

“The number of distinguished alumni that we have each year continues to grow. What started with just 5 awardees now has 23, and it’s so humbling to know that STI College has formed a part of their journeys. Our vision really is to be able to develop and nurture students who can contribute to society in a responsible manner. We want to see our graduates give back because that’s how the ripple effect works—one person at a time, one good thing at a time to make an impact,” she said.

The STI Distinguished Alumni Awards is organized by the STI Alumni Association.