Enzo Luna

It's time to mesh up!

Many of us who work from home require a Wi-Fi mesh configuration due to the number of devices we own, as well as a stable and fast internet connection. I work from home, so I need to upload and download large files, communicate with agencies, and use web tools for work. Aside from that, I enjoy watching movies, playing online games, and listening to music in my own time. 

How to advance your IT career in a constantly changing and competitive job market

According to a recent study by recruitment consultancy Michael Page Philippines, there has been a significant shift in the last few years in Filipinos' mindset toward work and career, which it refers to as "The Invisible Revolution."

Essential vlogging equipment in the digital era

Social media has evolved into a powerful platform for sharing visual material in the digital era, and vloggers, photographers, and videographers are at the forefront of this movement. You must have the best tools to stand out in this competitive environment. Here, we'll look at the essential equipment content creators need to up their vlogging game and make their videos genuinely social media-ready.

Essential vlogging equipment in the digital era

In today's digital era, vloggers, photographers, and videographers are spearheading the visual content revolution on social media. To truly stand out, one needs more than just talent; it's about combining high-quality cameras with stabilization tools, ensuring crystal-clear audio with external microphones, setting the perfect ambiance with precise lighting, and finally, refining the content using top-notch video editing software. Yet, at the heart of all these technicalities lies the true essence of content creation: compelling storytelling and an authentic connection with the audience.

Navigating fintech

The allure of promising financial returns can often mask insidious scams, preying on the unsuspecting Juans and Marias of society. Commissioner Kelvin Lee of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) emphasizes the need for due diligence, cautioning individuals against the risks of transacting with unregistered lending entities. While advances in fintech present opportunities for both investors and borrowers alike, the rapid pace of its adoption also heralds regulatory challenges. The SEC, ever-vigilant, finds itself at the crossroads of fostering innovation and ensuring robust investor protection, which includes cracking down on illegitimate lending organizations. As technology continues to evolve, the SEC's commitment to protecting its stakeholders remains unwavering, emphasizing the age-old wisdom: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.