AC Health and Healthway unveil new legacy in providing the best quality of service, “Care Beyond Cure”

Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health) was founded in 2015 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ayala Corporation with the goal of providing every Filipino with accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare.

Its portfolio includes Generika Drugstore, a generic retail pharmacy pioneer, IE Medica and MedEthix, a major pharmaceutical importer and distributor, Healthway and QualiMed, a network of multi-specialty clinics, ambulatory centers, and full-service hospitals, and KonsultaMD, a healthcare aggregator app that offers online consultations, medicine delivery, and clinic and diagnostic booking.

AC Health develops a smooth and integrated healthcare environment for the Filipino patient through its three pillars: pharma, hospitals and clinics, and digital health.

Healthway Medical Network (HMN), a key aspect of AC Health, is a healthcare ecosystem that can deliver accessible and affordable healthcare to all Filipinos. The launch of Healthway Medical Network is more than simply a name change; it also represents AC Health's unwavering commitment to provide compassionate, coordinated care that puts patients first.

On May 8, 2023, a ceremonial lighting of the signage at Healthway QualiMed Sta Rosa marked the beginning of a series of festivities honoring the debut of the new Healthway Medical Network. This event also unveiled the heritage of HMN and AC Health in delivering the greatest care in the nation.

HMN, with the promise of "Care Beyond Cure," aspires to provide a comprehensive patient journey across all touchpoints, concentrating on holistic and patient-centric healthcare.

HMN is AC Health’s hospitals and clinics arm, delivering healthcare through various formats across the country. Comprised of 10 multi-specialty clinics, 1 ambulatory center, and 200 corporate clinics under the Healthway brand, and 4 full-service hospitals under the QualiMed brand, the Healthway Medical Network supports AC Health’s goal of delivering an integrated patient experience for every Filipino.

The new identity of AC Health's hospitals and clinics group was announced during a momentous occasion attended by key executives from Ayala Corporation, led by Ayala Corporation Adviser to the Board, Mr. Fernando Zobel de Ayala, AC Health, and HMN, as well as local government officials, representatives from various sectors of the community, and existing patrons of QualiMed Sta. Rosa.

“The integration and launch of the Healthway Medical Network and its promise to deliver care beyond cure exemplifies Ayala’s relentless pursuit of excellence in its unwavering commitment to nation-building,” said Zobel. “At Ayala, we believe that every Filipino deserves access to quality healthcare and we are committed to help make this a reality.”

The launch of the Healthway Medical Network brand marks the beginning of an exciting period of growth and progress. HMN also intends to grow its presence in clinics and hospitals. The network successfully opened three new multispecialty centers in 2022. This year, HMN aims to open three more clinics in Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao, bringing its total number of outpatient locations to 15. Aside from that, the long-awaited Healthway Cancer Care Hospital, the country's first of its kind, is expected to open in September 2023.

“At Healthway, we believe that care beyond cure is not simply an empty slogan, but a guiding principle,” said Jimmy Ysmael, President and CEO of Healthway Medical Network. “We understand that our patients are more than just a set of symptoms or a medical condition. They are people with unique stories, experiences, and emotions. Through the integration of our clinics and hospitals, we will strive to provide the highest quality of care, focusing on treating the whole person, not just the illness.”

During the event's roundtable discussion, Dr. Rizzy Alejandro, AC Health Chief Public Health Officer and QualiMed Manila Chief Operating Officer, highlighted how Healthway hopes to deliver on its brand promise through its "Connected Care Circles."

Healthway's innovative healthcare concept of "Connected Care Circles" provides patient-centric end-to-end care. The program, which is organized around specific clinical requirements, provides co-located services in which patients are managed by a multidisciplinary healthcare team, ensuring integrated continuity of care throughout the patient journey.

"We want to provide holistic care to our patients, and this is where Connected Care Circles come in,” explained Dr. Alejandro. “Our goal is to provide seamless care from one point to another, regardless of where the patient is in their healthcare journey."

AC Health's launch of the Healthway Medical Network is a big step forward in its commitment to improve healthcare for all Filipinos. Healthway Medical Network is well-positioned to provide holistic and high-quality care to patients across the country, thanks to its human-centered approach, innovative healthcare solutions, and integration of clinics and hospitals supported by the full AC Health ecosystem.