A showcase of success stories by trailblazing Filipina entrepreneurs

Globe joined the International Women’s Month conversation as co-presenter at She Talks Asia 2023: Rebuild. Graced by a powerhouse of inspiring young and fearless women, the event is a one-day summit that celebrates the modern Filipina, empowering more women to embrace their power and reimagine the active role they play in driving their dreams and ambitions.

Globe and She Talks Asia

Globe sponsored a segment that brought to the forefront empowering stories of success by trailblazing Filipina entrepreneurs and executives. 

During one of the sessions of She Talks Asia Summit, Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, the first female Chief Commercial Officer of Globe, shared her colorful journey of breaking through the glass ceiling in a male-dominated industry. Speaking about her own experiences and those of other strong female leaders, she revealed her secrets to thriving in an industry with a gender gap in efforts to inspire more women to feel unfazed and empowered despite the norms.

Globe CCO Issa Cabreira at She Talks Asia Summit 2023 (1).jpg

“What we are as women is more than the work that we do because we are many things at the same time. At different times of the day, we play multiple roles. Like now I am Chief Commercial Officer, but also part of our women’s community, a daughter, mother, and a friend. This means a range of challenges for which we need the right support so that we can overcome and inspire others with our own experiences and say these were worth going through,” said Guevarra-Cabreira.

Another featured guest at the summit representing Filipina social entrepreneurs who continue to shatter stereotypes and thrive in the industry is Rizza Lana-Sebastian. She is the mindful entrepreneur behind skincare brands Mink and Lana PH. She talked about her business journey as a woman and how she grew her brands. She also shared the pivots that changed her life, her initiatives, and dished life lessons and enabling tips for budding women entrepreneurs. The best part though was her talking about the importance of embracing technology and digitalization in entrepreneurship.

Lana-Sebastian shared, “Success is all about being true to ourselves and our passions and being open to new things. All these combined with the best partners in business will enable us to thrive and succeed. Globe Business has been one of my brands’ reliable partners that provide empowering digital solutions and connectivity to achieve breakthroughs, resilience and continued success.”

The entire ticket sales from She Talks Asia went to the Mano Amiga Scholarship fund for girls. This is to support the underprivileged youth which enables them to have more access to educational resources and help promote early proficiency in technology.

Providing affordable, high quality education to disadvantaged learners, Mano Amiga's partnership with Globe brings to life the “Globe Maker Lab and Innovation Hub”. It is a program designed to enhance the delivery of world class STEM education to underprivileged K-12 students as part of Globe’s commitment to the 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Know how Globe’s ecosystem of solutions and services empower women today. Watch the She Talks Asia Summit here.