WATCH: H.E.R. shares fond memories with Filipino food

The award-winning singer is Vogue Philippines’ cover star this February

Filipino-American Grammy and Oscar winner H.E.R. is definitely a foodie who loves Filipino food. In a video co-created with Vogue Philippines, the “Best Part” singer shares some of her fondest memories and some of her favorite Pinoy dishes. 

According to H.E.R., sinigang is her favorite Filipino while adobo is best to eat with saging or banana. 

“ is my after school snack. , I think of my Tita Joan. She makes the best adobo and it’s not complete without saging,” the 25-year-old singer says. “Sinigang is my favorite Filipino food ever. My grandma makes the best sinigang.” 

Born as Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, H.E.R. is the cover star for Vogue Philippines’ February issue. In the same video, she also talks about her funny experience with SkyFlakes’ canister. 

“They are a trick box because you think there are more SkyFlakes in there pero wala na,” she says. “Or there’s something else stored in the box.” 

When it comes to chicharon, she said that it reminds her of her Papa who always eats the Filipino favorite. She also reminds everyone of the necessity of sugar when you get the unsweetened suman.  

In the last part of the video, the singer bravely eats balut

“I have to take off the glasses because balut is no regular food,” she says. “Dip it in the salt pero konti lang.” 

To date, some of H.E.R.’s achievements aside from various awards under her belt include playing Belle in the “Beauty and the Beast” anniversary special with Josh Groban as Beast and touring the world with the British rock band Coldplay.