Tell me you love me through chocolates

Cadbury and Toblerone are giving you more ways to express your sweet love

Much like other holidays, Valentine’s Day is a time for gifting, a way to show your love to the special people in your life. Stuffed toys, bouquets of flowers, and heartwarming letters are some of the go-to ways for people to express their love. But nothing could beat the sweetness—literally—that comes from a gift of chocolate. 

For the longest time, chocolates have been part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. As we celebrate once again the Season of Love this year, brands are going all out to ensure that the month of February will be the sweetest for Filipinos. One of the companies leading the saccharine movement is Mondelēz International through its champion chocolate brands, Cadbury and Toblerone. 

“Valentine’s Day marks one of the two top gifting seasons in the Philippines. February has traditionally shown the highest sales for chocolates,” Aleli Arcilla, VP and managing director of Mondelēz International, said. “Currently we hold the positions for number one chocolate in Modern Trade with Cadbury Dairy Milk and number one Gifting brand with Toblerone. This is because chocolates play a crucial role in the lives of Filipinos. We express our love through gifting sweet treats and chocolates are among the top gift choices during the love month.”

Wrapped up in love

With its goal of making its chocolate products a top choice for gifts this February, Mondelēz International presents Cadbury and Toblerone products in special love-themed packaging. You can ditch cards this time as their chocolates can give you more ways to show romance. 

Cadbury presents its “Pop Your Heart Out,” with its limited-edition chocolate bars with a heart pip in the middle that you can pop out. Its offerings also come with a 3D heart card in its signature purple color where you can write sweet messages for your loved ones. 

With Toblerone, the snacking company played with the idea of “Give a Thoughtful Gift This Valentine’s” by adding a pullout sleeve on the chocolates’ packaging where people can write messages to their Valentine. 

“That’s what we want to tell our consumers, pop your heart out, huwag mahiya (don’t be shy) to share your feelings,” said Raf Baradas, category lead for chocolates of Mondelēz International. “It is not just for your romantic partners but also for your loved ones, friends, officemates, even for yourself. It is a simple gesture.”

Dominating the love game

While there is a lot of competition in the chocolate industry, the food company is proud to announce that Cadbury and Toblerone are the top go-to brands for gifting for many Filipinos during Valentine's season. Aleli noted that it is the trust that consumers have in their products that played a key role in their success. And according to its Global State of Snacking Report 2022, 84 percent of its respondents believe that “Chocolate is good for the soul.”  

“Even during the pandemic, what we’ve seen is consumers gravitate toward trusted brands to be part of their lives,” Aleli said. “Our brands are more than a hundred years old. Therefore, we have created that credibility in delivering consistently on taste.”

“For Cadbury, it is really the taste, the creamy and milky taste that Filipinos love. We also dialed up mostly our taste credentials by putting in inclusions like fruits and nuts,” Aleli added. “For Toblerone, it is the taste and iconic shape. There is no other product that has a triangular shape.”

 Mondelēz International's VP and managing director Aleli Arcilla and category lead for chocolates Raf Baradas

The price of love

Even before we begin our 2023, costs of goods have sky-rocketed, and the price tags continue to become heavier this year. With that said, consumers can expect their favorite chocolate brand to increase their prices. According to Aleli, their chocolates will have a price increase of around six percent this month, which is in line with the company’s inflation forecast in the country. 

“What we strive to do is to be able to maintain our pricing so that it is reachable by our consumers,” she said. “In the last few months, though, we have seen that there is pressure already. The raw materials that we use are impacted by the global supply chain crisis. We’ve held it as much as we can but by February, we have to increase our prices to cover the increasing cost.”

As Aleli jokingly shared during the launch of Cadbury and Toblerone’s Valentine’s campaigns, isn’t ironic that our local term of endearment “mahal” means “love” and “expensive” in English. 

The special, limited-edition Cadbury and Toblerone packs are available at leading supermarkets and while supplies last.

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