Drink coffee for a prettier you

Pretty You Café was launched over the weekend in Mandaluyong City to complement the services of Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic.

People drink coffee for a number of reasons: to savor its inviting aroma and taste, to boost their energy levels, and also as a means to relax and socialize. Pretty You CEO Jessa Macaraig is adding more reasons to enjoy your cup of Joe.

During a recent trip to Vietnam, Jessa was blown away by the coffee culture she witnessed there. Coffee was more than a revered drink, it was a way of life. From early morning until late night, the beverage was consumed. It was deeply ingrained in the social and economic fabric of the country being the world’s second-largest exporter of coffee. What she experienced there inspired her to have her own café but with a twist.

“The products sold here are related to wellness. The coffee has glutathione, collagen, and L-Carnitine," Pretty You CEO Jessa Macaraig said. Thus, the café became a fitting extension of her beauty clinic.

Even with the many coffee shops around, Jessa is confident that her café will thrive. Banking on her experience of running her beauty clinic which also has a lot of competitors, she will do what she does best which is focusing on her goal of growing her business through collaborations and learning things related to her endeavor.

The Pretty You Café is the perfect place to hang out before or after your beauty treatment at its Mandaluyong branch. Sip your macchiato while having a bite of a chocolate oatmeal bar. Go ahead, drink up and be beautiful!

The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic story

The beauty clinic opened on Oct. 10, 2019, five months before the lockdown due to the health pandemic. It temporarily stopped operations since this particular business was not considered "essential" during the lockdown.  After a year of lockdown, someone inquired and franchised the clinic. To date, Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic is going strong with 25 branches all over the country, reaching as far as Mindanao.

“I often get asked why one needs to be beautiful. Being beautiful is a big boost in self-confidence," the CEO said. "It gives you a positive outlook in life and it sets you in good mood to interact with others. Being beautiful should be essential."