Nespresso brings Vertuo to the Philippines, further elevating the at-home coffee experience

Is there anything better than a leisurely afternoon in a café, surrounded by infinite options from the menu? Some might argue that having coffee at home is preferable, purely for the guarantee of comfort. But global coffee brand Nespresso has never been one to allow coffee-lovers to be limited to those choices—they’ve spent over 30 years making sure customers around the globe get the best of both worlds.

Nespresso Vertuo line

The proof is in the pudding—or, at least, the puddings people have to go with their Nespresso coffees at home. Now, they’re looking to elevate that pocket of joy for Filipino consumers even further with the introduction of the Vertuo line, Nespresso’s latest innovation for your at-home coffee experience. But what sets these models and capsules apart?

Instead of the standard pressure system one might find in most coffee machines, the Nespresso Vertuo uses Centrifusion™ Technology, spinning the pods as the water runs through, creating a more efficient separation of oil and water, forming a greater and longer-lasting amount of crema (the froth on top) without overtaking the coffee taste. The effect is a richer flavor and an even more pleasant aftertaste. Fun fact for new users: Some baristas say to gently fold the crema back in to achieve a creamier cup.

The name may ring a bell for jet-setting Nespresso lovers, but that’s only because the Vertuo line has been in North American stores since 2014. Although other models in the range have been launched since, the Philippines can expect the latest from Vertuo Next.

Rediscover café-style coffee at home with Nespresso Vertuo

Roasts span from light and sweet Espressos (like their Voltesso) to intense blends of medium and dark, as seen in the Costa Rica Master Origins capsule. Flavored blends are also on offer in the form of Barista Creations, which might appeal to the more dessert coffee drinkers. Overall, though, there really is something for everyone, even in terms of size—from the quick solo shot of a single Espresso to the dinner party-friendly Craft Brew, which makes for a whole carafe (535 ml) of coffee.

Excited? You can already purchase and experience this exciting range by clicking add-to-cart on their e-commerce page, or visiting any Nespresso boutique store, pop-up, or certified machine retailer in Metro Manila and Cebu to get your hands on the Nespresso Vertuo. Follow Nespresso Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for updates, or log on to their website for more information on the latest model to hit local shores.