MadCafé preps for digital transformation in 2023

MadCafé is a place where people of all backgrounds can gather without fear of being judged. Being left out because every seat in the cafe is taken. MadCafé  aims to be the cafe for everyone, redefining how families spend their money and spend time together.

The pandemic exposed so many critical issues that MadCafé had to reconsider their strategy and priorities must be established. During that  time, the MadCafé Team pondered the reason for the cafe's existence. Why it’s founded and realizing that it was always a safe haven for family members to gather and children to grow, even in difficult times.

These realizations allow them to concentrate on improving their products and services by redefining how families should spend their hard-earned money and quality time together through the establishment of exceptional customer relationships, continuous research and development, and professional development for its employees and team members.

The MadCafé  Team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and food offerings that will make every customer a member of their Maddest Community.

MadCafé owner Gila Salvador

During the pandemic, MadCafé owner Gila Salvador gained a new competitive advantage by leveraging the power of technology. Her business is up and running again thanks to online deliveries and payment methods. To assist customers in e-paying, the MadCafé has adapted to the use of online payments via mobile e-wallets such as GCash and Maya. 

“I envisioned MadCafé to be present in the community by being the cafe in every neighborhood that gathers people together in which they can call home. I see MadCafé creating an impact not only in the food and beverage industry but also in the Filipino community. MadCafé paved its way to survive the pandemic by being resilient despite all the hurdles and obstacles. The pandemic reminded us of our purpose and the “deep why” behind what we were doing, which was to help the community strengthen family bonds and raise children. With this, it is our heart to leave a legacy to each family and each child entering and leaving our stores,” said Gila.

MadCafé is unlike any other cafe or restaurant in the country because it is the first homegrown cafe to successfully implement its unique business model, a safe place that fosters strong family relationships, serves great food, and provides excellent customer service. The cafe has also become a haven for children to feel loved and cared for.

“We are dedicated to our dream, which is why we are expanding our reach in every way we can to serve all neighborhoods, regardless of social status, color, or culture because that is the heart behind the MadCafé  Community. We choose Project Pearls to be our benefactor of our CSR because we want to make the unprivileged kids of Tondo experience our Mad Way of showing love and gratitude as we do in our stores. We know how much our customers love extending love to everyone and we are delighted to become the mediator of this program to build relationships between our customers and our community,” explained Gila who shared the importance of building relationships and providing a safe haven for children.

A way of leaving a legacy in the community by repaying all of the love and support they've received from those who believed in the business since its inception. MadCafé enjoys supporting children and is always rooting for their success because they believe that children, like the organization, bring meaning, happiness, and love to everyone in the community.

MadCafé specializes in serving Filipino comfort foods with a wide range of beverages. One of their best sellers is the Pares with Bone Marrow, as well as appetizers, pastas, Mad wings, sizzling steaks, and rice bowls. Customers will have a better time if they combine it with the Mad Coffee, Fruit Tea, or Milk Tea Madness. MadCafé also has signature branch drinks that you will undoubtedly enjoy when you visit each location.

MadCafé recently opened their first ever branch in the south, bringing their total number of operating stores to five, including MadCafé Congressional, MadCafé SM Fairview, MadCafé Don Antonio, MadCafé SM Araneta, and MadCafé SM Southmall. MadCafé plans to open 8 new locations this year.

The MadCafé Team, a group of talented and creative team members, work toward a digitalized organization.

“Because we have a strong vision for others, we ensure to find a way to connect with each team member individually, aligning their life and the company’s vision. We also believe that we are catalyst for changing the narrative in design and innovation,” Gila proudly shared.

Together, as a family, they support one another in their pursuit of a common goal. MadCafé intends to embark on a digital transformation in order to improve its products, processes, and customer experience.