Your favorite roasted chicken dish gets a luxury twist with truffles

Published January 24, 2023, 12:44 PM

by John Legaspi

We tried Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Truffle collection and here’s what we think

Dining is more than just for sustenance. It is a flavorful experience, and the great ones usually introduce diners to new tastes with the best, even seasonal, ingredients. That’s the core of Kenny Rogers Roasters’ latest offering. The international restaurant chain is on a mission to add a touch of luxury to its beloved eats by infusing them with the elusive truffles.

Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Truffle

A priced delicacy, truffles are a subterranean fungus. These round spores are considered rare ingredients as they are hard to cultivate and demand very specific habitats. Traditionally, female pigs are used to hunt truffles, as they can easily spot their aroma which is similar to that of male pig pheromones. But these days, trained dogs aid farmers in searching for them. 

With its Truffle collection, Kenny Rogers Roasters now brings to the table the earthy flavors of truffle through three of its dishes. First is its signature Roasted Chicken. To highlight the taste of truffle, the chicken is marinated in truffle extracts and buttermilk. It gets a drizzle of truffle oil to help golden the skin during the roasting process. The result is some truly delicious. The aroma alone will lure you to bite the chicken’s juice meat. Adding a creamy element to the dish is its buttermilk sauce which is just heavenly. 

For meat lovers, there’s also the juicy and tender Truffle Steak. The striploin steak is grilled perfectly and paired with truffle sauce. Our ultimate favorite is the Truffle Mac & Cheese. Definitely an elevated version of the American comfort food, the mac & cheese is a rich plate of pasta topped with creamy truffle sauce. It is kind of elegant, too. The cream pasta is finished with freshly chopped parsley for an added touch of fancy. 

The Roasted Chicken can be ordered for one with the Truffle Roast Solo B plate (P300), which comes with rich and luscious quarter truffle roast chicken, a choice of two side dishes, rice, and muffin; or shared with family and friends with the Truffle Roast Group Meal (P1,065) which includes a whole roast, four side dishes, four cups of rice, four muffins, and 1.5 liter soda. The Truffle Mac & Cheese is also available in a solo serving (P180) and a platter (P539). While a Truffle Steak plate (P590) comes with a choice of two side dishes to make it a well-rounded dish.

To know more about the limited-edition Truffle collection, visit or @kennyrogersph on Facebook and Instagram.

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