The Figaro Coffee Group introduces new cafe concept brand Cafe Portofino

Tucked into the bustling city of Makati is a new gourmet spot you can't miss out on—Café Portofino. 

With the same brains behind well-known brands such as Figaro Coffee, Angel’s Pizza, and Tien Ma’s, there’s no denying that Café Portofino is set to deliver quality food and beverages at an affordable price.

Photos from Café Portofino

“The story behind the café’s name ‘Café Portofino’ originates from two fictional characters called ‘Porto,’ an adventurous brown bear who embarks on a trip around the world with his dear human friend ‘Fino.’” said FCG president Divine Cabuloy. “The pair’s journey leads them to an amazing gastronomic experience, tasting flavors from around the globe, which soon inspires them to bring international flavors back to their hometown. Hence, the debut of Café Portofino.”

The café has a stylish yet classic interior that has a warm and inviting feel. There are touches of elegance in its rich wooden chairs, tables, and fixtures but also balanced out with elements that evoke chill—plenty of natural sunlight peeking in and calm instrumental music playing throughout the day. 

Café Portofino also offers multiple delicious yet affordable beverage options below P100 consisting of both hot and cold caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. Aside from the classic favorites beloved by all such as the Americano and Iced Latte, some of the highly recommended must-try drinks at Café Portofino are the Hot Red Velvet, Ice Blended Sakura Strawberry, and Ice Blended Kiwi Slush.

The current menu also offers a variety of choices from each of the company’s main brands. Enjoy the flavors of Italy with the wide range of pizza options by Angel’s Pizza, munch on delicious sandwiches which you’d usually find in Italian cafes such as Figaro, or perhaps satisfy your cravings for Asian food with a hearty rice meal topped with dumplings, siomai, and more.

Just recently, the café opened its doors to the public and is offering special promotions customers can enjoy. The opening promos include:

  • Double Deal & Matcha Madness: For only P790, you can avail the Double Deal pizza promo and get two  Matcha-flavored Iced or Hot drinks.
  • Bunwich & American Bundle: For only P69, you can get one Bunwich and one Americano (8oz).
  • Rice Toppings & Frappe Bundle: For only P149, you can order any rice topping and one frappe of your choice.

Café Portofino is located at 11A J. Charmview Building, Burgos, corner J.P. Rizal Ext., Makati City and is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. For more information, visit its official Facebook page.