NEW: Will you try this banana-flavored lipgloss?

Oh yes, you read it right!

Filipinta Beauty, a cosmetics label based in the U.S.A., just dropped their newest lip product today, July 23, Saturday.

"It’s no secret that a big part of our food culture involves our very own sauces, and we are highlighting two of the most popular and beloved sauces of all time and turned them into a lip gloss. The banana gloss is inspired by our banana ketchup, a sauce so confusing to people it makes them ask, 'It’s made of bananas?! How come it’s red?' We made it smell like bananas too," posted the brand over on their Instagram account.

Now, if you love lechon and lechon kawali, then Manang Biday All Purpose Gloss in mauve hue might tickle your fancy. "And, of course, the all purpose sauce that is almost always paired with lechon and liempo inspired this neutral brown shade that has a very interesting 'meaty' scent," Filipinta Beauty says with so much wit!

Both are made made with hydrogenated polyisobutene, fractionated coconut oil, colorless jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, castor oil, and flavoring oil. Plus, they are cruelty-free! Priced at USD7.00.

As of now, orders and ship out will be coming from New York City, and they can ship internationally. We can't wait for more fun products from this beauty label!