Zubiri: Filipinos witnessed the rebirth of the Golden Age of PH politics

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, the incoming Senate President in the 19th Congress, said today’s inauguration of former Senator Ferdinand ‘’Bongbong’’ R. Marcos Jr. as the country’s 17th President marks a rebirth in the new chapter of Philippine history.

‘’Where we once again witnessed the rebirth of the Golden age of Philippine Politics. An age where we looked up to and respected our institutions and offices of government. And today’s Inauguration invoked National Pride due to many factors,’’ Zubiri said after Marcos took his oath of office as the country’s 17th President at the National Museum at noon today.

Marcos is the second of three children of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos and former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos.

In a statement, Zubiri cited the following why:

- First was the choice of the venue which was brilliant as the National Museum is steeped in History and Tradition. A venue used by our country’s great leaders of the past.

- Second, the Military Parade showing our country’s air, sea and land assets together with our proud men and women of the Armed Forces invoked national Pride and showed us as a Strong Republic ready to defend our nation from any aggression both from External and internal threats.

- Third, the parade of our Frontliners, OFWs and other civil sectors of our country and honoring them with that recognition shows our respect and love for the real people who make this country great.

- Fourth, the speech of the President focused on unity as the key to address adversity. That there is nothing that cannot be achieved if the Government and the people worked together as one. On how PBBM would be a listening President and consult with all the sectors to achieve a consensus. And I most especially like His emphasis on Agriculture and Education which will be the backbone of our growth as a nation.

‘’Overall, today’s Inaugural event gave me hope that our Country will do well and is in good hands with this administration. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!,’’ he said.