Get your scooter ready for summer

What’s cooler than riding around on a scooter during the summer? Having the freedom to go wherever the road takes you, whatever the road may be.

To do this means laying down the groundwork, literally, by choosing the right kind of scooter tires and tire patterns to match your driving style and the condition of the roads ahead. Choose a brand that offers a wide variety that meets the demands when it comes to Safety, Economy and Performance.

You can start by checking out the scooter tire choices from Maxxis. Its three best-selling scooter tires already cover a wide range of riding styles and preferences, from the Victra S98, the Green Devil MA-G1, and for the best deals on economy and performance, the MAV6. These Maxxis tire patterns and sizes also range in size from 13 inches to 14 inches.  

The Victra S98 ST offers excellent control and stability at high speeds. It’s recommended for scooter use on both motorsports tracks and highway terrain or city roads. Excellent cornering grip, traction and braking performance thanks to its wider grooves, even on wet roads.

The MA-G1, better known as The Green Devil, is designed with superior cornering grip and traction for better control and stability. High-speed rides are not a challenge; that’s because special tread patterns and rubber compound and formulation ensure safety even in high-speed rides. The product is engineered to have a strong pull and grip even when cornering in all angles. Both urban and sport riders will find these scooter tires ideal for their riding style.

And to make every road as smooth as a tarmac, there’s the MAV6. Its unique flame-look pattern sips and spits water with ease, and when the road is dry, provides extra grip. It’s the all-weather tire that is surprisingly long-lived, owing to its criss-cross groove pattern that helps it postpone wear. It fits underbone types and scooters, and provides value for money considering its performance and versatility.

And this summer, take the chance to upgrade your scooter’s wheels and score a pair of cool Maxxis arm sleeves, for free! Simply buy two tires from April 1 to June 30 at any participating Maxxis Tires dealers sporting the promo streamer to get a free set of Maxxis arm sleeves. This deal is available for any of these tire models: MA-G1, Victra S98, M6233W, M6234W, MAV6, M6167H, and the M6029W. You can check out the specifics of the promo at the Maxxis website

For driving on Philippine roads this summer, whether it’s on the sports track or city streets, match the right tire with the right gear and get ready to hit the roads. Visit the Maxxis website for more details.