Maxxis Tires Auto Assist Insurance takes safe travels to the next level

Maxxis is launching Maxxis Tires Auto Assist Insurance, a personal accident insurance product with roadside assistance that highlights the company’s commitment for safety of providing and assisting their customers in their journey.

Continental launches new tires

German tire brand, Continental, has launched a new line of tires specially suited for passenger cars, SUVs, and pickups.

Get your scooter ready for summer

For riding on Philippine roads this summer, whether it’s on the sports track or city streets, match the right tire with your purpose and hit the roads.

The tires to unlock performance and value from trucks and buses

The correct choice of tires for a truck or bus is a question of what the tire will be subjected to. Where passenger tires are designed only to carry people or light cargo, trucks and buses are expected to do so much more. That’s why tires for trucks and buses have to be specifically made for the punishing load, long hours and challenging terrain. Presa’s lineup of radial tires, the Presa TBR (Truck and Bus Radial) are designed to maximize the performance of trucks and buses.

Traction in any road condition

There are many rough roads leading to campsites but one of the modifications that can make traversing them easier are the right set of tires.

CST makes choosing the right scooter tire easy

CST, parent company of Maxxis tires, offers three scooter tire choices designed for the various demands of riding in the city, out or town, or on the circuit.

The right tires for Philippine off-road conditions

It’s no stretch to associate SUVs with excitement, but they're only as good as they tires they roll on. Maxxis Tires Philippines hopes to ‘take you further’ despite the challenging conditions of Philippine roads with its three Bravo series tires.

CST simplifies choosing the right passenger car tire

Choosing a passenger car tire can be difficult with the many choices and models designed to serve different needs. Thankfully, when it comes to premium passenger car radial (PCR) tires, CST narrows the choices down to these broad categories.

Improve your rig or SUV’s off-road ability with these tough tires

It’s important to invest in tires that live up to the demands on the vehicle. Maxxis offers tires that can keep up with the tough life of your SUV, on the country roads and on city streets.

Take on the harshest terrain with the dragon of tires

CST's Land Dragon CL-18 is a professional grade tire made for serious off-roading with 4x4 SUVs. It's designed to expel mud, drain water and eject rocks.