Seventeen’s Vernon, Billlie members, Shin Hye-sun test positive for COVID-19

K-pop boy band Seventeen member Vernon, girl group Billlie’s Haram and Sheon, actress Shin Hye-sun, actor-idol Lee Jun-young and Mamamoo’ Solar have tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Vernon tested positive for COVID-19 on Feb. 25, a week after Seventeen’s Wonwoo fully recovered from the disease.

(Clockwise from top left) Seventeen's Vernon, actress Shin Hye-sun, “All of Us Are Dead” star Yoon Chan-young, actor-idol Lee Jun-young, and Billlie's Sheon and Haram tested positive for COVID-19 (Instagram, Pledis Entertainment)

“Vernon was tested positive on the self-test kit after experiencing a sore throat on Thursday, February 24. He promptly took a PCR test and was confirmed with COVID-19 on the morning of Friday, February 25. Vernon is currently not exhibiting any extraordinary symptoms other than a sore throat and is administering self-treatment at home,” according to Pledis Entertainment on Feb. 25.

The agency said Vernon “came in contact with DK and Dino on Tuesday, the 22nd and with S.Coups and Woozi on Wednesday, the 23rd, but they only met for a brief moment while wearing masks and did not come in close contact. DK, Dino, S.Coups and Woozi all took a self-test kit and rapid antigen test which all the results came back as negative and are not exhibiting any symptoms.”

“Therefore, it would be difficult for Vernon to take part in Seventeen’s activities for a while. We will provide you with updates on his activity resumption,” it said.

Billlie members

Meanwhile, Billlie’s Haram and Sheon were diagnosed with COVID-19 on Feb. 24, according to Mystic Story, their agency.

“Billlie members Haram and Sheon have been confirmed to have COVID-19. On the 23rd, Haram and Tsuki tested positive in a self-diagnosis test conducted to preemptively respond, and all Billlie members resumed the PCR test,” it said.

The agency added, “As a result of the PCR test on the 24th, Haram and Sheon were notified of their confirmation and began self-isolation treatment according to quarantine guidelines.Tsuku, who tested positive in the kit test, was once again tested negative in the PCR retest, but is currently in self-isolation for safety. Currently, all members have been vaccinated until the second round, and there are no special symptoms other than mild cold symptoms.”

On Feb. 22, Billlie member Siyoon “was confirmed to have COVID-19.”

“All of Us Are Dead” star Yoon Chan-young

Meanwhile, hit Korean zombie series “All of Us Are Dead” star Yoon Chan-young, who plays the role of Lee Cheong-san, was eventually confirmed to have COVID-19 on Feb. 25 through a PCR test.

On Feb. 24, Yoon Chan-young tested positive for the virus through a self-test kit, which he administered before the recording of the Korean TV show “Knowing Bros.”

His agency said the actor is fully vaccinated and currently has no special symptoms of COVID-19.

Yoon Chan-young and co-stars Park Ji-hu (Nam On-jo in the series), Im Jae-hyuk (Yang Dae-su), Ha Seung-ri (Jang Ha-ri) and Lee Eun-saem (Park Mi-jin) were the scheduled guests on “Knowing Bros.” Due to his positive diagnosis, the recording of the show on Feb. 24 was canceled.

Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jun-young

Korean actress Shin Hye-sun, who starred in the hit drama “Mr. Queen,” and actor-idol Lee Jun-young, who are currently filming the movie “Brave Citizen,” both tested positive for COVID-19.

The two stars got infected after one of the production crew of “Brave Citizen” tested positive for COVID-19.

Mamamoo’s Solar

Girl group Mamamoo member Solar also tested positive for COVID-19. Her agency, RBW, said Solar tested positive through a self-test kit on Feb. 23 and underwent a PCR test. She was confirmed to have the virus on Feb. 24.

Recent infections include “Itaewon Class” star Park Seo-joon, K-pop idol Lee Mi-joo of girl group Lovelyz, actor Lee Sang-yeob and singer Jessi, stars of the Korean TV show “Sixth Sense.”

On Feb. 25, the Korean government recorded 165,890 new COVID-19 cases to bring the total confirmed cases to 2.66 million.