The first QR-operated teller machine in the Philippines


The first-ever cardless teller machine that will work with a QR code was launched last November 11 in the course of the 2022 C-Tech Summit. COOPNET rolled out its Cooperation Network (COOPNET) teller machines (CTMs) to cater for the underserved and less digitized cooperatives and financial institutions. Its QR technology is powered by QRPh, the National QR Code standard in the country regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

CTMs revolutionize the traditional automated teller machines (ATMs) that generally use a card to withdraw cash and for other banking transactions. It operates using QRPh codes generated from the COOPNET Mobile App. Filipinos may use the CTMs to cash in, cash out, pay bills, buy e-load, and transfer funds by generating the QRPh code via the application. The app can simply be downloaded through the COOPNET Mobile App at, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or AppGallery.

For the security of the transactions using the CTM, a one-time pin verification code will be sent to the registered number upon scanning the QR code in the machine. COOPNET also offers cards upon request with the QR code for easy transactions.