Pro-farmer party-list supports PBBM's fertilizer plan

MAGSASAKA Party-list is backing President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.'s plan to import fertilizers next year as a way to improve local food production and help stabilize food prices.

MAGSASAKA Party-list Rep. Robert Nazal

The party-list's first nominee in the House of Representatives, Robert Nazal, called the move a "step in the right direction", especially since the administration plans intends to distribute some of these fertilizers to farmers for free.

“This is indeed a step in the right direction towards achieving food security while supporting our farmers and fighting rising food prices during this difficult period,” Nazal summed up.

The party-list leader said the distribution of free fertilizers to farmers is laudable given the importance of fertilizers in food production.

“Fertilizers are added to crops in order to produce enough food to feed the population,” Nazal pointed out.

“Fertilizers provide crops with nutrients, which allow crops to grow bigger, faster, and to produce more food,” he added.

President Marcos is set to sign a memorandum of agreement for the initial importation of 150,000 metric tons (MT) of fertilizer from China.

The procurement would be done through the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC), an attached agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

President Marcos has instructed the Department of Agriculture (DA), DTI and PTIC to find ways to support farmers and lower soaring food prices.

The rising cost of urea, which is the commonly used fertilizers by farmers, has contributed to higher food prices.

The DA, which is currently headed by Marcos, has allocated P4.1 billion to buy 2.277 million bags of fertilizers.