MOVIEGOER: 'Hugas:' How actors wash, clean up before and after sex scene

AJ Raval (right) and Sean De Guzman

Naturally, the lead stars of sexy movie Hugas were asked, without malice: Do you hugas (wash up) before shooting a love scene?

AJ Raval, the young veteran of several erotic movies, everything from Viva, said it was already a given that actors should wash, clean up before doing a love scene, even a simple kissing scene.

“You owe it to your co actor,’’ she says.

“Of course, you want to leave a good impression, so they’ll remember that you smelled good.’’

Her leading man of three sexy films, including Hugas, Sean de Guzman, shares the same practice that’s literally as old as the first wave of bomba films that swept the country in the late 1960s.

AJ Raval (Facebook)


Do actors wash up after a hot scene?

The two actors answer, “No.” Their answer is followed by laughter, loud and not muffled, that I find naughty, if not outright flirtatious.

Either they move on to the next scene or they call it a day.

“Wala nang hugas-hugas,” says Sean, laughing in a boyish, impish kind of way.

Hugas, directed by Roman Perez Jr., steps up the game for AJ and Sean. It is now showing on Vivamax.


Sean de Guzman (Facebook)

Personal hygiene is of prime importance among actors, whether or not they appear in sexy films.

Remember the beauty queen-actress who refused to do a second movie with a senior leading man because he wasn’t clean enough?

She told her manager he had bad breath. She almost threw up after they shot a kissing scene.

A more recent version of the same story involves a fierce, talented young actor who is said to suffer from halitosis, too.


In recent movie, Pornstar 2, former sexy stars Rosanna Roces, Alma Moreno, Ara Mina and Maui Taylor spilled the oats on their former screen partners in a hilarious, no-holds-barred talkathon.

They cited those who were clean, who weren’t so clean, stinky. The unrehearsed sequence was to be the highlight of that movie, also the funniest.

Ara shared how a leading man asked her to make out, moments after shooting a steamy love scene.

Which reminds me. A middle-aged actress once told me it isn’t true what they say that actors don’t get turned on by kissing and other sexy scenes they do in the line of duty.

Hard-on is real.

‘’Al those people saying that are hypocrites,’’ the veteran actress, who acted in a succession of bold drama films in the middle-1970s, warned.

It is physically, psychologically, and emotionally impossible for actors, who are, first of all, human beings, not to get a carried away by a kiss, no matter how brief or perfunctory it may seem, she says.


Modern movie titles Hugas, Palitan, Silip sa Apoy, Sisid, revert to the days of bomba.

They’re a throwback to the 1960s-90s when Tagalog movies carried titillating titles that were either graphic or climaxing with sexual innuendo.

For example: Dingding Lang ang Pagitan; Batuta ni Drakula; Pag-ibig sa Kapirasong Banig; Diligin Mo ng Suka ang Uhaw na Lumpia.

Uhaw; Hayok; Ang Bukid ay Basa; Halinghing sa Likod ng Puno ng Saging.

Saging ni Pacing, Patikim ng P’nya, Iputok mo, Dadapa Ako, Masikip, Maluwang: Paraisong Parisukat.

And now, Hugas.