Nestor Cuartero

MOVIEGOER: In honor of Pilita Corrales

Janine Gutierrez proudly announced on social media recently that she has been collaborating with award-winning documentarist, Baby Ruth Villarama, on a docu-film on the life of her grandmother, Pilita Corrales. Janine will host the film.

Jungee Marcelo coins 'Anniversaries'

Bloom where you are planted. This saying serves as a life mantra for singer-composer and music producer Jungee Marcelo, known for the many hit songs that he has created.

MOVIEGOER: Sen. Bong and Lani: May forever

PASSERBY: Ever candid, ever true, Dina Bonnevie recalled in an interview what she once asked Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto: “Why are you running away from me every time you see me?”

MOVIEGOER: Ice: Videoke is therapy

Movie queen Vilma Santos and Judy Ann Santos are set to co-star in a horror-drama picture under the direction of genre expert Chito Rono. The yet untitled film is eyeing a slot in the 50th anniversary of MMFF 2024 in December.

MOVIEGOER: Raining men on Kathryn

Following her separation from her former longtime boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo has just become the most sought-after young woman in entertainment.