After ‘plastic in pizza’ incident, brand’s president and CEO reaches out to Julius Babao

Published August 11, 2022, 9:58 AM

by John Legaspi

“Having been a crew of Shakey’s myself way back they have a special place in my heart,” Gregorio said about his team.

ICYMI, Julius Babao went viral on social media early this week because a pizza he ordered was cooked with plastic. Calling it the “weirdest experience,” the pizza he got from Shakey’s has a sheet of plastic separating the crust and its cheese toppings. 

Julius Babao and the ‘plastic in pizza’

Upon posting it on social media, the brand quickly responded to the news anchor’s concern saying its apology and that an investigation is being done, assuring him that it will no longer happen.

“We at Shakey’s are grateful to Mr. Julius Babao for calling our attention to an oversight that occurred to his delivery order from one of our stores. We acknowledge that we made a mistake, and we will take this as an opportunity to learn and do better,” the brand said in a statement

It also mentioned that its “freshly-made pizza crusts are placed with a food-grade glassine sheet that separates pizza crusts and prevents them from sticking when stacked.” That material is what the staff failed to remove before adding the pizza toppings. 

To further express its apology, the pizza brand’s president and CEO Vic Gregorio reached out to the news anchor via text message. In a post shared by Babao, he shared Gregorio’s message, who said that the staff involved with the incident will not be terminated as the deed was not intentional. Furthermore, he assures him that the company’s reaction to the incident “is SOP and is the same no matter who the complaints come from.”

“Having been a crew of Shakey’s myself way back they have a special place in my heart,” Gregorio said about his team.

“We believe all guests deserve only the very best products and service we can give and, food quality and safety are always critical and serious business for us,” he added. “Once again, please know we truly appreciate your calling our attention regarding this deviation and we will be implementing additional measures to prevent this from happening again.”

Read Gregorio’s full statement below:

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