Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard weighs in on Mötley Crüe

Published August 6, 2022, 4:57 PM

by Punch Liwanag

In case you missed it, rockers Pearl Jam and Mötley Crüe were bashing each other a few months ago.

The word war started when Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder mentioned in an interview the following statement: “Girls, Girls, Girls’ and Motley Crue: f**k you. I hated it. I hated how it made the fellas look. I hated how it made the women look. It felt so vacuous.”

Mötley Crüe bassist and founder Nikki Sixx, responded via his social media account: “Made me laugh today reading how much the singer in Pearl Jam hated Mötley Crüe. Now considering that they’re one of the most boring bands in history, it’s kind of a compliment isn’t it?”

That went on for a while until the issue got buried in the din.

Until recently when Pearl Jam guitarist and founder Stone Gossard commented anew on the issue.

But not in the way one might think.

In a recent podcast interview, Gossard mentioned that “(his bandmates) Jeff (Ament) and Mike (McCready) and I loved hard rock, like, went through it all.”

Gossard added that “I bought the first Mötley Crüe album on Leathür Records. I thought it was…at the time, it was punk-like.”

The guitarist also went on to compare Mötley Crüe to no frills hard rock band Motorhead.

“There were things about it that I was discovering about British hard rock at that time that felt also rebellious or against the norm or something that made me interested in it. And I always liked heavy.”

This acknowledgement from at least one member of Pearl Jam is, no doubt, a cool change of pace from the previous heated remarks.

Not unless, of course, Vedder adds to it and in a negative way.