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AUDIOJUNKIE: Stop making sense: A Talking Heads tribute

If you've seen recent YouTube videos of alt-rock band Paramore performing a rousing cover of the Talking Heads' "Burning Down The House," you're definitely not alone in thinking, 'What a great song and a great cover.' 

AUDIOJUNKIE: Non-Taylor Swift palate-cleansing music

These are days that Taylor Swift dominates. The ubiquitous pop megastar is virtually everywhere. And some quarters are getting tired of it and starting to chip away at the infallible mystique that TS and her Swifties built. 

AUDIOJUNKIE: Rap stars align and the greatest hits of Cecile Azarcon

Through the years, Pinoy rap has had its share of roller coaster ride affairs with Pinoy pop listeners. But every time it comes back, it becomes stronger. And say what you want about Pinoy rap, but you can’t deny that the movers in this scene have panache. And none more so than the recent batch of biggies in the scene.

AUDIOJUNKIE: Pearl Jam brings back rock from the brink

Rock is once again in the spotlight as one of rock’s biggest bands, Pearl Jam, returns with a new album, “Dark Matter.”

AUDIOJUNKIE: Taylor Swift as head of 'The Tortured Poets Department'

There’s much to unpack on Taylor Swift’s new music project release.