LIST: Celebrate Fried Chicken Day with these dining deals

Published July 6, 2022, 9:28 AM

by John Legaspi

But let’s be real. For us, every day is Fried Chicken Day

If there is one comfort food that people will never get tired of, it is fried chicken. Since the Middle Ages, people from the Western side of the globe have been indulging themselves in the goodness that comes from the deep-fried dish. Soon enough, it made its way to the US thanks to Scottish immigrants, which led to an empire of fast-food chains championing it.

Fried chicken became such a beloved food item that in Asian countries like Japan, it is the star of people’s holiday feasts. Korea made it even better with its double-fry method. As for the Philippines, well, no special occasion is complete without a serving of it. This July 6, as the world observes Fried Chicken Day, celebrate your love and passion for fried chicken with these dining deals, not only offering you great discounts but also mouthwatering takes on the dish. But let’s be real. For us, every day is Fried Chicken Day.

Feast on many fried chickens to your heart’s content with these dining deals:

Ministop Philippines

If there is one go-to meal at Ministop, it is its famous Uncle John’s fried chicken meal. Today, it is offering P30 off on its two-piece chicken offering.

Chickings PH

Calling all wingers! For only P499, you can avail of Chickings PH’s wings all-you-can, which comes with an unlimited serving of rice, soup, and iced tea.

7-Eleven Philippines

A week of Fried Chicken Day awaits at 7-Eleven Philippines as you can get P10 off for every one-piece chicken order at its stores from July 6 to 11.

Max’s Restaurant

Enjoy Max’s Restaurant’s iconic whole fried chicken with P129 off its price only for today.

MImi & Bros

Another unlimited fried chicken offering courtesy of Mimi & Bros. From 11 a.m. today, enjoy their fried chicken meals—Mimi’s Signature Fried Chicken, Cheesy Fried Chicken, Fiery Fried Chicken, and Truffle Honey Butter Chicken—for only P550.

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