The need for printers that can make learning more accessible and engaging

Published June 22, 2022, 7:39 AM

by Len Amadora

Studies have found that students perform better in terms of both comprehension and retention when material is presented in print. Despite the pandemic and online learning, print remains relevant in a broad array of classroom settings. To make the printed page and its benefits more accessible to students, educators need classroom printers that are affordable, convenient, and high performing.

Schools are gradually welcoming students back into campus. With limited time and budget, teachers are faced with having to re-learn how to balance sticking to the syllabus while remaining creative with their lessons and keeping the class engaged. Faced with this dilemma, our teachers need affordable printers that can deliver high-value color, low energy consumption and fast prints – prints that the Epson Business Inkjet printers can provide.

“As print technologies evolve, it’s important to evaluate the diverse printing needs of every classroom and choose printers that will help learners foster creative and critical thinking skills,” said Ed Bonoan, General Manager, Marketing Division at Epson Philippines. “As a global technology leader, Epson offers a wide array of solutions for all industries. To keep the post-pandemic classroom productive and engaged, our modern inkjet technology is the trusted partner for the job.”

Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 A3 Multifunction Printer

Epson Business inkjet printers are engineered for efficiency, reliability, and longevity—and with innovative technology that requires no heat in the ejection process and few moving parts, there is less downtime for maintenance.

In present hybrid settings, schools will require a great need for high-performing, simple-to-use print technologies both for those at home and at school.

“Epson’s Business Inkjet line makes it easier for institutions to find the right printer that meets their needs,” explained Bonoan. “This takes many forms—be it a powerful and efficient workhorse in a centralized location that provides high print volumes with speed, in full color, and at the lowest power consumption in its class, or an impressive model that brings high-productivity color printing into virtually any classroom with zero warm-up time, or a low-cost, low-maintenance print solution for home-schoolers.”

Truly, even in the digital age, printing still proves to have an enormous benefit in the modern classroom.

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