MOVIEGOER: Did you have sex in high school?

The cast of Vivamax series 'High (School) on Sex'

    Overall, they were honest and candid when asked about their thoughts on pre-marital sex.

     Though young, only in their early 20s, the actresses starring in “High (School) on Sex” said they felt it was important that a prospective husband and wife should “have a connection.”

       It was a euphemism for physical intimacy. Making love. Going to bed. Making out. Scoring. Do. Whatever else they call it these days.

       Note that despite the girls’ bravery and boldness in taking off their clothes and engaging in sexual scenes on camera, they remain pure and demure in their speech when asked to talk about sex, virginity and all that. You’d think that kind of cover-up speech had gone out of style in this high age of post-modernism and trans-sexuality, and yet some things remain on hold pala.   

       The girls laughed when the subject turned to sexual performance. They said it was also important that partners satisfied each other. They must have felt relieved that no one asked about size, and how important it was in making love.


  These topic areas are certainly not for the faint-hearted high school set of 40 years ago, when they were spoken only in whispers and behind closed doors.

   But, a new Vivamax series set in a Catholic high school, of all places, explores the sexual behavior and awakening of today’s young people as directed by GB Sampedro. You could say this is a reboot of Maryo de los Reyes’ High School Circa ’65, with a big difference.

      “Ibang panahon na tayo ngayon eh, so dapat pinag-uusapan na natin iyan para maging aware ang mga kabataan,” says GB.

     GB said they interviewed high school students for authenticity.

    “High (School) on Sex” stars Wilbert Ross, Denise Esteban, Migs Almendras, Angela Morena, Kat Dovey, Rob Guinto in the lead roles.

  The series, opening on June 5, follows the sexual awakening of, for instance, Gibo (Wilbert), a scholar bursting with libido. He makes do with his teacher.

    Wes (Migs) swings both ways as he

explores his sexuality, experimenting with both girls and boys. He’s known as “The Fluid.”

     One saintly-looking girl is actually experienced in sex. The one who acts like a slut is, in reality, a virgin. 

These are just some of the colorful characters populating (copulating in), “High (School) on Sex.”

     Which one were you back in high school?