These restaurants in Eastwood City are sure to take your Mother’s Day celebration to the next level

Published May 6, 2022, 3:45 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Nothing is as comforting and warm as a mother’s love. This Mother’s Day weekend, let’s give mom all the care and affection she deserves and treat her to an extra memorable dining experience right at the heart of the city.

We’ve compiled a list of restaurants in Eastwood City that offer excellent food, charming ambiance, and amiable service—which make them perfect spots for your Mother’s Day celebrations!

Casa Reyes

Casa Reyes

A new Filipino restaurant in Eastwood City, Casa Reyes opened last year with mouth-watering dishes on the menu like chicken barbecue with unlimited java rice, crispy dinuguan, kare-kare, wagyu mechado, bibingka cheesecake, and more. Have a Filipino fiesta and dine here with the family.

Located at GF 1800 Building | 0917 146 8223



Surprise mom with a mix of two flavors in one dish! Locavore has a variety of fusion dishes like pho lalo, which is a delicious blend of Vietnamese noodle soup pho, and the Filipino beef soup dish bulalo. It also offers lechon and oyster sisig, where it uses lechon and oysters as the main ingredients for the sisig dish instead of the usual pork face and organs, which make for an interesting taste!

Located at GF 1800 Building | 0917 512 0159

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

Silantro is a restaurant that offers Mexican dishes tailored to the Filipino taste, without burning a hole in the pocket. Located inside the vibrant and festive Eastwood City, it is pretty accessible if you want to dine alfresco. For a more laid-back celebration, try its group serving of their beef nachos, which it prepares fresh upon every order using golden and crisp tortillas and a lavish amount of cheese, and then torches it to perfection!

Located at Citywalk 1 | 0945 224 9327

MOS Burger

MOS Burger

If mom prefers a casual celebration, head to MOS Burger and let her try Japanese-inspired flavors all packed in their freshly-baked buns. Try the fusion of flavors in their Japanese curry burger, wagyu burger, ebi katsu burger, and more!

Located at GF Citywalk 1 | 0966 856 8105

Jin Joo Korean Grill

In the mood for Korean? Book a table at Jin Joo Korean Grill! Come over to Jin Joo and munch on unlimited quality USDA meat with a variety of side dishes. You can also level up the experience and choose the unlimited meat and seafood set which includes tempura, meats, shrimps, salmon belly, scallops, and mussels!

Located at GF Citywalk 1 | 0966 733 6271


Chicken wings date with mom? Why not! Frankie’s has “thirteen perfectly mastered flavors” which you should try on your visit! Some of the crowd favorites include salted egg, garlic parmesan, honey garlic, hickory BBQ, cheesy bacon, Caribbean jerk, Wicked wasabi, and Kevin’s bacon. If dining with full meals in mind, it also has fettuccine chicken stroganoff, burger steak with rice, and spaghetti basil aioli, among others.

Located at GF Citywalk 1 | 0917 628 2349

Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon recently opened its branch in Eastwood City, so now more people in the community can enjoy its filling bowls of perfectly crafted udon, ramen, tempura, katsu, and more Japanese favorites. Marugame Udon prides itself on staying true to the authentic tradition of noodle making from its origins in the southern part of Japan, so you’re sure to taste only the best!

Located at Eastwood Mall Open Park

More Filipino food

Delight mom in both classic choices and modern twists in Pinoy food. Some of the best offerings from Crisostomo include bagoong rice, watermelon sinigang, and crispy lechon kawali over creamy laing! It also has halo-halo and mais con yelo on its menu for a sweet touch. At Mesa, you can have a nice lunch or dinner with the family while enjoying native-inspired interiors combined with a homey feel. For big celebrations, feast on its house specialties crispchon and crispy pork belly!

Crisostomo is located at 2F Eastwood Mall | 0917 881 4768

Mesa is located at 3F Eastwood Mall | 0917 315 2019


Japanese picks

Go Japanese with mom this weekend! Try the “Teishoku” set meals at Yayoi, which include a main dish, miso soup, side dish, and delicious steamed rice all on one tray. Katsu Sora takes tonkatsu seriously, promising premium options to satisfy every guest. All of its pork selections are marbled, flavorful, and naturally tender. For Japanese seafood, Sandaime is a must-try. It sources its fresh catch from Tsukiji Market, letting its guests enjoy grade A fish servings.

Yayoi is located at GF Eastwood Mall | 0917 705 1793

Katsu Sora is located at 2F Eastwood Mall, 8570 7985

Sandaime is located at GF Eastwood Mall, 0907 542 8402

Mary Grace

Food faves

All-time family favorite Mary Grace has a selection of well-loved comfort meals and confectionary selections for a delightful dining experience. For moms who love burgers, take her to Pound and make her try its signature foie gras burger. If she’s more into seafood, bring her to a seafood paradise in The Red Crab Alimango House and order its seafood buckets in different kinds of sauces. Experience Korean BBQ in bold flavors at Soban K-Town Grill. For Mother’s Day, it is offering Mother’s Day Feast Sets for groups of two or four. Swaadisht is a go-to restaurant for everyone looking for Indian food in Manila. If mom loves spice, dine in here and taste its best-sellers like tandoori, Rogan Josh, murgh makhani, hyderabadi biryani, and more.

Mother’s Day comes only once a year, so why not treat mom to a fine dining experience at House of Wagyu. The place serves premium meats from Australia, which they cook on hot stone grills.

Easy Tiger

Love Thai food? Easy Tiger cooks up authentic Thai comfort food like pad Thai, Thai chicken wings, and green papaya salad. Feed mom and the whole family a festive lunch from Chinese restaurant Gloria Maris. For large groups, try its roasting combination which is an array of pork asado, soy chicken, seaweeds, century egg, and sliced squid. Indulge in all your Italian cravings at Cibo. It serves modern takes on paninis, salads, pasta, and pizza.

Mary Grace is located at GF Eastwood Mall | (02) 8392 2735

Pound is located at 2F Eastwood Mall | 0917 712 3757

The Red Crab Alimango House is located at GF Eastwood Mall | 0905 328 6221

Swaadisht is located at GF Citywalk 1 | 0995 555 2485

House of Wagyu is located at GF Eastwood Mall, 0947 557 9103

Easy Tiger is located at GF Eastwood Mall | 0917-325-9198

Gloria Maris is located at 3F Eastwood Mall | 8372-1216

Cibo is located at 2F Eastwood Mall | 0919-088-2426

For more information, you may contact the Eastwood City Concierge at (02) 8462 8888.