MOVIEGOER: Careers built on Brad Pitt, other lookalikes

Published May 4, 2022, 11:34 PM

by Nestor Cuartero

Brad Pitt (Photo by Garfiel Rennato Perez Albano)

It is said that somewhere out there, following universal law, there’s someone who lives, looking exactly like you. Chances are, we may never ever meet our doppelgänger as they may be born in the opposite side of the globe, or they may have lived in a different timeline and time zone, yet the possibility of having that other someone is as real as finding two men looking like Brad Pitt.

One of them is Cuban actor William Levy, who’s a star in his own right, in Spanish-language telenovelas. Another is a certain Nathan Meads, 35-year-old from Oxford, England, whom Yahoo News reported recently.

Nathan, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the American actor but who now also complains that because of how gorgeous he looks, women accuse him of having a fake profile. The single father works as a ground worker, but moonlights as a Brad Pitt impersonator. His sideline has brought him to the Glamour Awards in London and other fashion events. Nathan told Jam Press that he makes between £250 and £500 for every look-alike gig.


Remember a few TV seasons back when ABS-CBN launched a reality-based program that gathered hundreds of wannabe stars, whose major claim to fame was looking like some of our celebrity idols. In fact, the show was built exactly around that concept.

Some of the more striking discoveries from that show were young men who resembled Christopher de Leon, Robin Padilla, and Noli de Castro.

Just like Nathan Meads, these men said their lookalike status have landed them bookings. Of course, they also admitted that they hoped to use their physical resemblance to these well-known personalities as their springboard to a career of their own in show business. Wonder whatever happened to them.

As for Nathan, he said he found it quite hard to find love as women, he said, are obsessed with the real Pitt, the Oscar winner.

Meads said it took him years to figure out a way to make his resemblance work for him. He sent his photos to look-alike agencies who expressed interest in working with him. He also admits to being a big Brad Pitt fan.

‘’I think he’s a great actor. He plays all of his roles brilliantly and seems like a real gentleman and a family man so we have that in common, although we have very different bank balances,” Meads said. He hopes to meet Mr. Pitt face-to-face one day.