Tiktok users are loving Filipino dessert avocado with condensed milk

Although they are skeptical at first, they are instantly blown away by how good it is.

During the pandemic, social media platform Tiktok has not only been a place for entertainment and dance challenges, but it also became a source of new food trends to try. It introduced many to unique eats and drinks such as the Dalgona coffee and corn ribs that people, including Filipinos, found surprisingly good. This time, though, it is the international users who are going crazy over a Filipino dessert, which is avocado with condensed milk.

Avocado with milk (Photo by FOX from Pexel)

On Tiktok, users are currently sharing their videos of making the dessert by combining avocado with ice and sweetened milk. Although they are skeptical at first, they are instantly blown away by how good it is.

While this has been one of the many ways Filipinos love to enjoy their avocado, others highly favored powdered milk, mixing the fruit with condensed milk is also done in other Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

@iankewks Avocado dessert (avocado and condensed milk) #avocado #condensedmilk Chillest in the Room - L.Dre

“It is pretty typical in Southeast Asia to treat avocado like a fruit,” Ian Riviero, a Filipino Tiktok user, said in a post. “And that is why, for the longest time, I was so confused why people were putting this on their toasts.”

Apart from being a delightful addition to their morning toasts, avocado is also used in other savory meals such as salads and the famous Mexican dip guacamole.

Check out their responses below:

@floridamomof3 Avocado, ice and sweetened condensed milk #costcomamma #ScreamItOut #foru #avocado #foru original sound - Costco mamma & Maddie

@_danielrhodess @Anna Paul original sound - danielrhodes


Trust me

original sound - Anna Paul

How about you? How do you like to eat your avocado?

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