Corn ribs are the latest food trend on TikTok

Published February 23, 2021, 6:31 PM

by John Legaspi

Are they worth trying?

Corn ribs by Nestlé Professionals

Thanks to TikTok, our pursuit to having much greener indulgences without compromising taste are now limitless, even with limited duration of video content on social platforms. Adding to the list of vegan comfort food, from cauliflower buffalo wings to our very own kangkong chicharon, is Tiktok’s latest food craze, the corn ribs. 

Yes! Those glazed juicy ribs people loved to munch on with their hands is being reimagined in the form of a corn chunks, sliced and spiced for a truly ethical gastronomic experience. 

Packed with fiber and a decent amount of protein, corn seems to be a great substitute to meat rib cuts. Smothered with other spices and paired with the perfect dip, corn ribs look like a plant-based dish many TikTok users would approve. They love it so much that some even produced their own unique take on the vegan treat.

The question now is are we suppose to try it? Well, why not? The nutritional benefits alone are good enough reason to cook it in your kitchen. But unlike Dalgona coffee, another trend that emerged from TikTok during the onsent of quarantine, corn ribs are not fairly easy to make. While searching and mixing spices can be a doable task, cutting the corn lenghtwise can be a bit challenging to some. Other recipes also call for an oven or air fryer. But, of course, we can always find a way. 

If you’re interested in whipping the dish up, here’s a recipe prepared by Nestlé Professional (P.S. it doesn’t require an oven or air fryer), or watch how it is done by Spice Kitchen below.