LA Gadget Hub, a rising tech distributorship company gearing towards innovation and Web 4.0 world

LA Gadget Hub, a rising tech distributorship company gearing towards innovation and ‘Web 4.0’ world

LA Gadget Hub is a company led by a group of young professionals – entrepreneurs and tech distributors – who have come together with the same goal and mission in mind: to provide a tech firm that improves lifestyle, work processes, social interactions, and a technologically innovative society.

LA Gadget Hub is a rising tech distribution company in the Philippines carrying top giant brands in the world. It is a respectable firm in its field of technological products and service innovation through its flagship stores, online platforms, corporate accounts, and franchise business programs.

“We are currently looking to expand or innovate our tech distributorship. We are currently focusing on retail and physical stores, as well as zoning marketing. We created this company that is involved in tech distribution, but in a more innovative way,” said Hayb Anzures Abu-Shendi, President of LA Gadget Hub.

Hayb graduated from Far Eastern University Makati in 2015 with a Business Degree with Collars. He began his career as a Junior Manager in the Customer Service Department of a reputable medical institution in the Philippines. He was able to start his own business of Specialty Coffee Company and the Founder and Director of West Town's Coffee at the age of 23. His accomplishments at a young age include co-founding Strata Development Corporation, and when the pandemic hit the Philippines at the age of 27, Abu-Shendi was able to strategically pause his running business and adapt to the new norm of internet-based business.

Abu-Shendi is also running crypto currency ventures including farms of crypto currency mining across the metro and is very active in the Blockchain and NFT industry.

Abu-Shendi and business partner Gerald Layug founded LA Gadget Hub in order to innovate most of the traditional systems and styles of other tech distributing companies, as well as to introduce the concept of online marketing and how advertising and branding work in the new millennium. Layug comes from a family that also owns a giant tech distributorship company and decided to start his own with Abu-Shendi to continue their family legacy. Layug has also been blessed with the support of his family.

LA Gadget Hub believes that expanding revenue models is the best way to maximize company resources. As a first step, the founders have agreed to concentrate company resources on the following business channels: Shops, Franchise Program, ECommerce, and Corporate Accounts.

“We have committed to becoming a very competent company in the tech industry where every business decision is carefully analyzed with the ambition to expand further and grow nationwide. Our everlasting objective is to share mutual interests with our internal and external customers,” as stated by the company's founders in the profile description.

Abu-Shendi went on to say that LA Gadget Hub's vision is to be the tech distribution company of the future, of the Metaverse, and of everything in the virtual world that they want to pioneer in terms of distribution.

“We want to pioneer into this Metaverse and gear up for the Web 4.0 world,” Abu-Shendi shared during our Zoom meeting with the company.

The company currently takes great pride in having corporate partners such as OPPO, Vivo, Realme, SAMSUNG, and HUAWEI on their roster of brand partners who are aligned in providing quality products, support services, and continuous innovations that LA Gadget Hub is gearing into.

According to Abu-Shendi, the website serves as an ecommerce platform, after-sales warranty service provider, and is extremely secure.

“We include an after-sales program with the utmost safety and convenience for our customers on our website. We also intend to begin providing door-to-door services for deliveries and warranty claims for the convenience of our customers. We'll also start making drone deliveries to our Metro Manila clients at least twice a week as a step to our commitment to innovation” added Abu-Shendi.

Abu-Shendi emphasizes that when it comes to digital transformation, it is the actual convenience that their customers will receive. “In terms of services, we want to give our clients the comfort and peace of mind that we have a physical shop where they can do their transactions to gain their trust. However, digital innovations and transformation will soon be available to many of our customers, allowing us to continue our digital interactions with them and provide them with a very convenient online platform.”

LA Gadget Hub will be launching soon this April. The event's goal is to invite B2B, business leaders, and company shareholders who will be involved in the incorporation of LA Gadget Hub.

“Our motto is to bring the ‘future’ nearer that ever” added Abu-Shendi.