Davao and CDO’s growing skyline

Published March 14, 2022, 12:05 AM

by John Tria


John Tria
John Tria

About three weeks ago we took a short road trip to the scenic highlands at Davao’s Eden Bayabas area, which affords an impressive view of the sprawling city and Samal island. Sipping coffee at a quaint outdoor restaurant called Jamelle gardens I could not help but marvel at the impressive rise of Davao City’s skyline over the last decade, revealing how it has been able to attract property investments that will boost its competitiveness even further.

What was once a sprawl of short commercial buildings concentrated in the city center now sees groups of high rise structures and new mixed use townships combining residential and commercial properties, with some even bringing in universities- all ready to take in visitors, tenants and investors.

I first wrote about this phenomenon five years ago. Today I am seeing a further expansion since then even in Cagayan de Oro city. In recent visits late last year to this gateway to northern Mindanao i can see that more high rises are also rising, with plans for further developments in the offing.

These developments are important to note, as new property developments serve as a catalyst that prepare the city for the entry of new investments. This pleasant surprise is that these property developments are all taking place despite the pandemic.

Looking at these views, I am reminded of international analysis firm IHS Markit predicting our country’s entry into a trillion dollar economy by 2033. That’s a mere 11 years away from today, mind you,is a very short time for such rapid growth to take place.

Moreover, First Metro Investment Corporation and the University of Asia and the Pacific raise our GDP forecast for 2022 to seven percent from the previous six percent (https://mb.com.ph/2022/02/01/ph-back-on-fast-growth-track-report/?amp).

What these forecasts mean for many businesses and their employees in 2022 and beyond is that the growth will happen fast, and that we will need to gear up for more opportunities that this higher economic growth will bring. This means a demand for more products and services.

I believe 2022 will be  year when the new normal adjustments for our companies will be firmly established and settled, which will serve as the springboard upon which we can now expand using new methods of managing our work, and new markets and types of customers, many online. Moreover, as COVID 19 cases have begun to drop the confidence to pursue expansion will grow. The Tiger will begin its roar, and despite any other disruptions we have found a renewed confidence to roar along with it.

Culture trip at Davao’s Poblacion Market Central

Current and future visitors to Davao City will surely marvel at the culture on display at the regular exhibits of visual arts groups at the Poblacion Market Central, along C Bangoy street near the Marco Polo Hotel.

Likewise, regular visitors of the Aldevinco shopping center will find their favorite shops selling malongs and culturally rich garments and other Mindanao souvenir items now amid wide, impressive and well ventilated shopping corridors with the different levels accessible with elevators and escalators. Basement parking makes visits more convenient.

Already, a food court is building a following at the ground floor, with a taqueria gaining popularity, a milk tea shop, and the Davao Chicken Company serving a hearty pansit molo and a branch of The Breakfast joint. They serve a growing number of regular customers wanting to walk through and safely take in the cultural vibe of this new and impressive Davao landmark.