John Tria

What you can do to help support the local economy

As the Christmas season rolls in, thoughts often go to spending. There will be purchases of gifts, Christmas food ingredients, and in some cases, cooked food to celebrate with.  It is at Christmas when we clearly see and feel how the things and the services we pay for will have a positive impact on the local economy. The more we spend in the local economy, the more local businesses and their employees will benefit. During the height of the pandemic, we really saw how buying local goods and services helped many businesses survive.

Why we need to boost Cacao production

In the last 10 years, the popularity of Davao’s chocolates has gained renown for the region, as confections and other products made from the region’s beans find their way to global markets. This explains why Davao City has been declared the cacao capital of the country.

Direct international flights to Mindanao will boost the Island’s economic prospects

The recently launched Davao to Quanzhou (Jinjiang) direct flight on Xiamen Air and Davao – Hongkong flights via Royal Air brings Mindanao even closer to global tourism and trade markets.

Vision 2050 for the Philippine economy

In the 49th Philippine Business  Conference hosted by the Philip- pine Chamber of Commerce and  Industry (PCCI) hundreds of business and local chamber of commerce and industry leaders from all over the country gathered in Manila to discuss issues and dreams for the Philippine business sector.

What food summits may need to discuss

Our inflation levels remain high. The price of food, constituting about a third to half of what makes up our inflation figures, needs to be brought down. To address these concerns, I expect that “food summits” and conferences will be called soon to bring stakeholders together to find solutions to these high prices.