ICYMI: Los Angeles’ Randy’s Donuts is opening a store in the Philippines

Prepare to sink your teeth into the brand's famous fluffy, airy, and large doughnuts

An avid Marvel Cinematic Universe fan knows that Tony Stark’s antidote to a hangover is doughnuts, particularly the ones from Randy’s Donuts. Now, if you’ve been dreaming of having some for yourself, you’re in luck as the Los Angeles-based brand is opening a store in the Philippines soon.

Photos from The Bistro Group

Brought by The Bistro Group, one of the country’s biggest restaurant chains, Randy’s Donuts is bringing its widely-touted fluffier, airier, and larger doughnuts for Filipinos to try. From its signature Classic Glazed Raised to deluxe, fancy, and premium varieties such as S’mores, Fruit Loops Raised, Apple Fritter, Butter Crumb, Jelly Raspberry, Cake Sprinkles, and Maple Raised with Churros, these are just some of the 40 flavors the brand will be serving here in the country.

Can’t wait to have a taste of its doughnuts? Then be on the lookout. According to The Bistro Group, the 70-year-old doughnut shop’s local store is set to open this April at the Uptown Parade BGC, beside Denny’s. Currently, Randy’s Donuts has international stores in Inglewood, El Segundo, Downey, Saudi Arabia.

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