Weekend Eats: Feast on these newly launched burgers packed with rich flavors

Published February 18, 2022, 5:13 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Staying at home calls for having your eyes glued to your screens 24/7 for work and deadlines. Our days feel longer because of the back-to-back tasks we have to finish, and sometimes all we need is a boost to keep us energized throughout the whole day. And what better way to treat yourself than by eating good food?

Got cravings after a long day at work? Have a taste of the newest #TokyoTokyoBites! Snack on your all-time Tokyo Tokyo favorites with a twist and experience a blend of comforting flavors with the new signature burgers that will surely reenergize you in each bite, for as low as P140:

Beef and Mushroom: Tokyo Tokyo’s best selling Beef Misono sandwiched with mushroom, cheese, and Japanese mayo.

Katsu Burger: A thick Menchi Katsu patty, a chicken katsu coated in Japanese breadcrumbs with savory cheesy filling, sandwiched with Japanese mayo, and shredded cabbage.

Katsu Cheeseburger: A thick Menchi Katsu patty sandwiched with cheese, spicy cheese sauce, and shredded cabbage.

Call on your work buddies to enjoy this quick snack break with you with Tokyo Tokyo’s Burger Bun-dle! You can now enjoy #TokyoTokyoBites with your family and friends, with the limited time only Imperial Burger Sampler for 3 and save up to P101. Get a Wagyu Cheeseburger, a Beef and Mushroom Burger, a Katsu Burger, and three signature Red Iced Teas for as low as P559. You’ll surely get the bang for your buck with its big size and rich flavors, all for an affordable price! Order the new signature burgers today and taste the magic for yourself!

Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef and Mushroom Burger (P150), Katsu Burger (P140), Katsu Cheeseburger (P150), and Imperial Burger Sampler for 3 (P599) are available in all Tokyo Tokyo branches nationwide.