Angel’s Pizza launches two new game-changing pizza flavors

Published January 5, 2022, 1:00 AM

by Manila Bulletin

Big Kahuna Hawaiian

Just when you thought Angel’s Pizza was done after the life-changing Creamy Spinach Dip pizza we have all come to know and love, they are back at it again with two new flavors, namely the Big Kahuna Hawaiian and the Triple Threat.

Now we all know that pineapple on pizza is either a love or hate thing, but for those who love it, won’t get enough pineapple. Angel’s has decided to take the Hawaiian pizza game to a whole new level with the Big Kahuna Hawaiian, destroying the original mold of what a Hawaiian pizza is. What customers will immediately notice is the huge, whole, chunky rings of pineapple slices on the pizza. That’s right, none of the small pineapple bits, but large, whole rings! To top it off, the pineapple rings are flame-torched to finish them off with a grilled, caramelized look. In addition, the ham slices are also larger, not to be left behind by the pineapple.

Triple Threat

The second new pizza is the Triple Threat. Remember those times when you would argue with friends on what flavor of pizza to order? A problem no more! The Triple Threat is a whole pie with three flavors in one. Each pizza is segregated into three parts, with one part Pepperoni, one part Big Kahuna Hawaiian and one part All Meat. To top it off, the pizza is square-cut so more people can share and have a taste of each flavor. The Triple Threat comes in Family and Big Family sizes only.

“We love to work on pizza innovation. We are pizza-lovers at heart and always look at things from the customers’ perspective. We want our products to be delicious, beautiful and totally worth it. We’re excited to launch these new pizzas especially since personally, I love pineapple on my pizza”, says Justin Liu, Chairman of the Figaro Coffee Group (FCG), which owns and operates Angel’s Pizza.

Also, let’s not forget the icing on the cake and what makes Angel’s Pizza even more affordable, which is their Angel’s Pizza Card (APC). The APC gives the holder Buy 1 Take 1 Forever, a free pizza coupon upon purchase of the card, and no renewal fee. Customers also have the choice of any pizza flavor, with no restriction, even on their pricier pizza flavors.

Angel’s Pizza has over 35 branches nationwide and customers can order through their website ( or through the hotline 8-922-2222.