The Figaro Group Express, an innovative business platform to ride the wave of the new normal

Before the pandemic, people did not know about the existence of the ‘new normal’. It wasn’t in everyone's vocabulary and businesses were thriving in an environment nobody expected would eventually shift into a new business landscape that we see today. Businesses quickly adapted to the new norm to keep their operations afloat and not left behind.

As quarantine and social distancing are already the norm, consumers have resorted to takeout food delivered right at their doorsteps. It has become a popular option for many to reduce their social interactions outside the safety of their own home. So, while the foot traffic of many restaurant businesses has tremendously been affected, there has been a massive influx of online orders, both direct and via third-party applications, which could possibly help boost the revenue of the business once more.

Understanding that this modern-day problem requires a modern-day solution, The Figaro Group (TFG) made a smart move and introduced a new concept: The Figaro Group Express. This new platform was launched to continuously serve their delicious, fresh, and value for money products from their four F&B brands: Figaro Coffee, Angel’s Pizza, Tien Ma’s, and TFG Online.

TFG Express store

“The concept aims to promote brand awareness in the areas that we intend to penetrate and further extend our market reach,” TFG’s Deputy COO Mike Barret explains. “We are confident that our express store can be a potential new revenue stream for the organization while maintaining business sustainability by responding to the ever-changing market requirement caused by the new normal.”

A One-Stop-Shop

The pandemic has illustrated the true ingenuity and inexhaustible ability of The Figaro Group. Regardless of the initial decline in its revenue from the “dine-in” sector, they were able to immediately shift their sales models to their favor.

“Currently, there is still a considerable percentage of consumers who are not yet comfortable staying inside cafes and restaurants due to the virus scare,” Barret says. “TFG Express will surely address the need for the company to continue in providing our customers with high-quality products in a new business setting which offers an option for take-away, delivery as well as the ‘park and eat’ arrangement.”

With a wide variety of food across its four F&B brands offered all together in one location—from Heat2Eat dishes, gourmet meals, coffee and tea blends, and bakery products—TFG Express shall be everyone’s one-stop-shop to always keep their tummy satisfied.

The First of Many

Following the successful launch of its online shop ( last year which aided the brand to establish its solid followers, pushing for TFG Express this year was a logical next move.

TFG Express store

Putting up the first-ever store of TFG Express at Shell Congressional Avenue, BahayToro, Quezon City, it impeccably served as the organization’s new vehicle to highlight their quality products. And given the consumer’s increased affinity and loyalty to the brand, “the overwhelming response from customers prompted the management to continue in exploring other strategic areas in the metro for us to locate several TFG Express kiosks,” Barret shares.

To expand its distribution channels, TFG Express has already tied up with Grab Food as well. This partnership will surely open new avenues for them to grow their four brands. In addition, Barret says that they are already targeting to roll out around two to four additional TFG Express outlets by December this year in time for the Christmas season.

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The Figaro Group (TFG)